31 October 2010

Trick or Treat!

Team Hildebrand had a fairly productive week.  I only had one day where I just felt like vegging out on the couch and not unpacking while Lily napped, and overall, the unpacking is going very well.  Tuesday, we signed Jesse up for fencing classes at the Y (which he is ecstatic about).  Thursday, Lily and I had our first play date with one of the ladies from our small group and her 2 year old and baby girl who is exactly one month older than Lily is.  We had a lot of fun, and it was really good and refreshing to get out of the house during the day and be able to have some girl time over coffee.

Last night, we all (including Dog) went over to Betsy's for our weekly "family dinner" with her, her kids and Julia.  As per usual, we had a blast and ate way too much food.  After dinner, we all (minus Betsy) donned some wonderful costumes for Trick or Treating.  Lily decided that it was time to be fussy around this time, so Jesse and Julia took the kids up and down the street for candy while Betsy and I stayed at her house.  I've heard everyone talk about the best costumes of the year, but really, her kids won.  Hands down.  And extra points go to them because they were handmade with love. 
Ewok, Luke and Leia
Not as creative, but a pirate, angel and Batgirl

pumpkin Jesse carved
pumpkin I carved

That's about it for now..Last night was the second night of Lily sleeping in her own crib and not in our room.  Awesome like her parents, she did great, sleeping a stretch of 6 hours!!  Admittedly, the first night didn't go as well- but I'm sure that had to do with the change in scenery and a super paranoid momma, who felt the need to check on her every time she squeaked (new mom's should really be graced with the new dad's ability to sleep through anything and ignore all nighttime noises).  Tuesday, Lily has her "6" week check-up.  I'm very curious to see how much she weighs now, because looking at pictures and really paying attention, I have noticed she is getting so big!  Already!  I know this is probably every mother's reaction- I am therefore justified and no one may judge me.  Also on Tuesday, Jesse gets to start his fencing class, which he is super excited about.  We were both originally going to be taking these classes, but with a newborn, we figured it'd be easier for me to jump off the treadmill or leave an aerobics class to get her from the babysitting than it would be to leave in the middle of a fencing class.  So another time for me.

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  1. Love Angel Lily, good luck with fencing and see you soon in Toledo.