12 October 2010

Lily didn't sleep well last night..therefore, I didn't sleep well last night.  It's amazing how someone who weighs less than 10 lbs can determine whether or not I sleep.  But, let's be honest, during pregnancy when she was only ounces, she was determining whether or not I felt like doing anything or had any energy.  Ridiculous and amazing at the same time. 

Anyway..because she and I were both restless and have the ability to take naps during the day, we moved to the couch reeeeeeeeeeally early this morning so Jesse (who can't nap during the day..or it's at least frowned upon at his job) could sleep.  We had a good cuddle as a result, but it didn't really do too much for the headache I woke up with at 3am.  So this was obviously a good start to my day..which the dog made better.  When I was getting myself put together for the day (at 9:30..), Zeke saw this as a golden opportunity to knock over a trash can and strew the contents all over the living room floor.  gr.  So I cleaned this up and proceeded to finish getting myself ready for the come back downstairs and see Zeke has now found a poopy diaper to shred on my living room floor.  Double gr.  At this point, I grabbed the baby, the dog and a diaper bag and stormed out of the house to McD's for an iced coffee before heading to the dog park to run my dog into the ground so he'd sleep the rest of the day (which was a success). 

[end vent] I was in a much better mood when I returned home.  Lily rode around in a front pack and napped while I did things around the house and tried to be somewhat productive.  I didn't try too hard, but I did get some things packed up for our move and some other things (aka the living room floor) cleaned up.  And today, Lily found her thumb.  It was the most adorable thing ever..I was burping her and all of a sudden I heard a sucking sound which confused me until I looked and saw her tiny little thumb in her mouth.  Not only does she pick up her head (and has been since the day she was born and is just getting stronger), roll onto her side (making the diaper changing a challenge), scootch forward on her tummy (by pushing her feet against her daddy's hand..I kid you not.  Ridiculous!), but she has now also apparently found her thumb.  She's not even 2.5 weeks!!!!  Someone please explain to her that she needs to slow down..I don't need her walking by 5 months!  (even if all of this is normal, please just roll with it and accept that I'm new to this and think my baby girl is growing up too fast already)

Other than all that excitement..everything is going really well.  I'm staying positive and am able to remember that I really WANT to be nursing Lily every 1.5-2 hours when she gets hungry and that I don't want to use thus far I have been able to avoid frustrations.  Which is handy. 

And..HOPEFULLY Jesse and I will be able to wrap up this whole moving process within the next week or so, and I'll be able to unpack and settle into the other house.  Uncle Joel and Aunt Kimmy are coming to visit this weekend and going to be put to work!  Aunt Jess was here over the weekend and got some good cuddling in with Lily..
That's about it..I've been wanting to post for a few days, but really have nothing exciting to report.  Not that I'm sure what to report, so you may just get random ramblings from time to time :)


  1. Yea for thumb finding. Addy still tucks hers inside her fist and ends up sucking on her fingers instead! It got a little intense so we busted out the pacifier a few weeks ago.
    The growing up never slows down :(

  2. I give you both mad props for moving at a time like this and with a little one and a dog to add to the mix. We moved a week before our wedding and I thought that was stressful ... that was before we added all the animals, I can't imagine doing it with a baby. Glad to hear things are going well though!