21 October 2013

Lily isms 7

As she is burying herself in the laundry to "hide":
"Ok, hang tight."

"Momma, you're a goof."

"Oh, that's so nice."

I had Lily feel the baby kick.  For the record, she wants a brother.
Lily: why was the baby moving?
Me: just wiggling! Your little brother or sister is getting ready to come out and wiggle and play with you!
Lily: oh! He'll need a skirt to spin with me and Emma!  But I don't have one for him yet.  I will hold him, all my by self.

Background: Jesse is growing a goatee on a trial basis.
Jesse and Lily were reading a story and Lily reached up and started pinching his facial hair.
Lily: what's this?
Jesse: it's a beard, do you like it?
Lily: no! Take it off!

Lily: why is it dark out?
Me: because it's night and the sun is setting.
Lily: oh, the sun is going to bed?
Me: ...yes.
Lily: oh, is he getting jams on?

Me: Lily, do you want socks so your toes won't be cold?
Lily: no, they can be cold all day long!

Me: come on, time to get dressed.
Lily: no! I want to wear jams all day long!

16 October 2013

where is October going?

Life continues to move on quickly, and we are already halfway through October!  Jesse and I keep discussing things we need and want to get done before winter hits, and if we don't crack down, we may not get them all done!  We are slowly but surely checking some things off our list, but when I look at the calendar, I have a mini, pregnancy a blamed moment of panic.  I'm more than halfway through this pregnancy and haven't done even a tiny bit to prepare.  Fortunately for me, I'm laid back and don't care.  Yet.  Keep reading and I'm sure in a month or two, I'll be singing a different song.

The first weekend in October was a busy one.  Jesse got moving on our chicken run on Saturday with Patrick, and both got doused in poison ivy.  The only reason I mention this is because a) I'm not sure I've ever actually seen Jesse have it and b) this of course means that I have it again.  Ugh.  I wish I wasn't so incredibly allergic during pregnancy!  I'm not sure how I got it, but I'm thinking that one of the girls got in it and I of course picked them up and am now sporting a huge, nasty and miserable spot on the inner part of both elbows and on my neck.  Fan.tastic.

Sunday was a better day, as we went to North Bend State Park with the Coleman's for a picnic and fishing.  We all had a blast, but poor Emma was absolutely miserable from skipping naps and a teething related diaper rash.  Fortunately, we planned ahead some with an escape plan, so Jesse and Lily stayed to fish and Emma and I headed home to relax and deal with teething.  From what I hear, Lily did a great job fishing and loved it, catching 4 fish and even touching one (I was still there for the first catch).

first fish she caught!
Then this past weekend, Aunt Jess and Uncle Richard came to visit.  We didn't do too much, but the girls loved having them here for a short time.  We did go to the outlets in Flatwoods and get some incredible deals, as well as eat an entire bag of marshmallows and Reese's cups around a couple campfires.

Other than that, we're keeping busy.  As I mentioned, slowly we are getting projects done.  The girls are doing great and are definitely keeping me on my toes.  Lily is getting smarter by the day and I love listening to her vocabulary grow.  More so some of the words that she is trying to use vs the amount of words and questions she asks in the day, but that's just part of being 3!  Loads, and loads, and LOADS of questions.  Emma is busy.  Always on the go or getting into everything imaginable.  She's picked up on several signs and the other day, after carefully dumping a cup of water on the floor, looked at me quite innocently and signed "all done."   ...she's a smart one.

I'm feeling pretty well, just tired a good chunk of the time, but no surprise there with chasing two little girls around all day!  Braxton Hicks have started (woo...) and baby has figured out how to have the hiccups.  Which honestly was really annoying with both the girls because of how they had themselves positioned in my belly, but this isn't so bad so far, and s/he doesn't seem to have them with the same frequency as the girls.  Both girls seemed to wedge their heads right behind my right hip bone, so hiccups were really awkward and grating.  This baby is head down (to the best of my knowledge) and more centrally located and sometimes stretched out with his/her head behind my left hip bone.  Tons of movement, and maybe it's a blessing of being taller or maybe just a blessing of my children, I seem to have more wigglers than kickers/boxers.  I occasionally have felt a decent kick, but thankfully, all of them have avoided painful organs or a painful intensity.

Jesse is doing well too, as far as I know.  He is looking forward to a few projects, but unfortunately, is having to be patient and not jump into them full force yet.  Once he gets going though, I'm not sure he'll stop.  The list of "after the bunk beds" projects is growing and we're both excited about that.    
first project: a bird house!

constructing some shelves
 Oh, and today, the girls and I went to the park.  I was hoping that I would be able to get some cute pictures of the girls.  Like a rookie.  I did get some cute pictures, but not really what I had in mind.  But that's ok, life will go on and maybe if I ask nicely, Jesse will agree to help take more pictures some nice day.

"hey Momma, check this out!"

this face cracks me up

"don't worry, I'm just climbing."

That's it for now!