27 April 2017

LEK are hilarious 48

Emma, passing napkins out at dinner: how about the napkins join our feast?

Emma: I need a Barbie chair!
Lily: there's another stool in the Barbie house..
Emma: I'll get it! What's it look like?
Lily: it' short, like this, shaped like a square..
Emma: no no, just tell me what color it is.
Lily: pink.
(Emma runs off)
Lily: WAIT! It's like a medium pink.
[note: this is how Jesse and I also give directions]


Emma: I'm burning like a hot dog.

[I wrote myself a note about a conversation the girls and I had, but was not descriptive enough to remember the specifics of it. Fail. However, I do remember that Emma was sharing with us something from Hercules, and referred to Pegasus as, "Pegahorse." And that was really the important part.]

Kaylee (singing): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive.
              6, 7, 8, 9, 10 then I let him go again.
              Why did you let him go?
              Because he bit my finger so.
              Which finger did he bite?
              This one on the left.

Lily: see, I told you the zebra skirt was a good idea. It goes with everything.

Lily: I would take good care of a puppy, if I got one.
Emma: well, maybe we should get something else to practice on first. Like a plant. If we take good care of a plant, we will take good care of a puppy.

Kaylee: I ate all of my potato tots!

Me: hey yo, don't track your dirty shoes all across my house, please. And wash your hands since you were cleaning up dog poop.
Emma: oh yes, well, I didn't step in any!
Me: ...that's good...
Emma: I just touched it a little bit with my hand by accident.

Lily: you look so tan, Momma! Just like cookie dough that just got made.

Kaylee: wow, this is really spicy. I'm NOT in a fan of this.

Emma: this cookie is just melting to town.

Emma: we need really chocolatey chipp-idy pancakes!

29 March 2017

LEK isms 47

Kaylee: Old MacDonald's had a farm...with a moo moo here and a moo moo all over the place.

Emma: Momma, when I was yawning, a hiccup got in the front of it.

[Lily asked the Amazon Echo to tell her a joke, and came to tell us what she'd heard]
Lily: hey, what do you call a camel with no humps?
us: what?
Lily: free humps!
Jesse and me to each other: that's a terrible joke.
:: we looked up the joke to see how it actually went, the answer was "Humphrey."

Lily: why do we have to shut the door when we leave?
Me: so nobody comes in and takes all our stuff.
Emma: well, maybe they don't know which way to turn the door knob.
Me: that's possible.
Emma: ...well then what if they turn it the other way...maybe if it's a little girl that's a bad guy and she couldn't reach the door knob.  Maybe she'd have to kick it.

Me: wow, you girls made a mess down here.
Kaylee: I think it was coyotes.
Me: oh really?
Kaylee: yes, they came in, threw this stuff all over the place and then went home.

Me: Lily, what's the name of the big bald guy in Mulan?
Lily: I think it' I dunno, it sounds like shampoo.
:: it's obviously Chan Po.

Kaylee: I want to go to Coleman's.
Me: I don't think they're home right now.
Kaylee: are they at church?
Me: probably not, but I suppose they might be.
Kaylee: I think they are, and will be home at thirty o'clock.

Emma: can I put a fossil in the water?
Lily: no, that will turn it back into dirt. That's what it's printed out of, when dinosaurs made them.

Lily: MOM. I HAVE to learn goalie this year. Remember when I played soccer and I could use my hands? That was goalie. My teacher told me we have to learn to play it. Like, have to have to, so we're ready for next year!

13 March 2017

Kaylee's 3rd

Only a month late.  But our not-so-little Kaylee is 3!  We were able to have both sets of grandparents come spend time with us for her birthday, and it was so nice to have both Jesse and my parents here at the same time with the kids for a few hours.

At 3, Kaylee is a ball of fire.  She is incredibly clingy to me right now; separation anxiety is incredibly real, and ending in hysterical fits when I leave, even for an hour workout at the gym.  Fortunately, she calms down in about 5 minutes and enjoys herself after that, but she is having an incredibly hard time with me actually leaving, and walking out of the room.  We're dealing with this as patiently as we can.

Kaylee loves her sisters, and loves to play with "our sisters," and to pester them.  She loves to push their buttons, but just as quickly wants to snuggle up with them when they are willing.  When she is in a particularly good mood, she loves to trace the wipe off letter pages we have, and is actually pretty good at staying in the lines.  She wants to do everything her sisters do, and tells me all the time she just wants whatever Lily and Emma have or are doing.  Her fine motor skills are great, in my opinion, and her vocabulary is fantastic.  Whereas her sisters were just now starting full stories (if I recall correctly), Kaylee has been telling us make believe stories and silliness for quite awhile.  She is in the same size clothes as Emma, for the most part, and will likely pass her before Emma knows what has happened.  She continues to be the snuggler, and will glue herself to who I hand her to.  Nearly every Sunday, I get the report back that Kaylee was the teacher's buddy, and was content to sit on available laps the majority of the time. 

We are all looking forward to the warmer days, where she can ride her new scooter on the road with her sisters for sure!  Kaylee also loves to play with her baby dolls, and will come up with elaborate stories by herself, which is highly entertaining to me to watch.

she painted her own nails, and managed to get some on her face...

08 February 2017

LEK isms 46

There has been a lot going on.  But my kiddos continue to make me laugh, so I will share those rays of sunshine.

While I was singing a Christmas song, Kaylee yelled across the room to me,
note: this took place before Christmas.

Me: Lily, the broom is not a toy.
Lily: I know, it's a super weapon!

Lily: after we clean up, let's play goose, goose, duck!

Emma: what's in our throats that makes us talk?
Lily: a voicemail!

Lily: Mom, why didn't you name Emma, Sweet Potato?
(I'm looking at you, Betsy!)

Lily: what does this say?
Me: "you rock."
Lily: I'm not a rock.

Lily: I can't wait to see Fiona tomorrow, we're becoming bff sisters.

Emma: Jupiter is the biggest planet on earth!

Emma: Momma, that movie we're watching?
Me: the Super Bowl?
Emma: yeah, it's boring.

Me: that's the daddy cow.
Emma: how can you tell?
Me: there is no udder.
Kaylee: what's an udder?
Me: where the baby cows get the milk.
Lily: and where we get the milk? From the gutters?

10 December 2016

five minute car seat blanket

Guys, this took me 5 minutes. 

Not even that, because I went super low tech, and didn't hem this at all.  But my model was heading to bed, and my sewing machine is neatly put away.  So here you have the no-sew car seat blanket, which I'm sure is on Pinterest already, but you know that rabbit hole: if I'd gone there to look, it would have taken me multiple hours of researching and prep, and getting majorly sidetracked on other projects for a brilliant Pinterest fail.  

Five minutes.  Half of that was probably taking the pictures. 

I got the cheapest fleece blanket from Walmart.  The kind I buy and give my dog.

Put it in the carseat, and marked the straps, which you can see in black sharpie. 

Cut across the buckle, and connected the dots.  I honestly will probably go back and stitch the tops and bottoms of these cuts at least so that it doesn't rip more.  You could easily hand stitch this if you're allergic to a sewing machine or don't have one.  Or use a stapler, I guess...

Put the kiddo in said blanket.

And then buckle and go.

Kaylee is also modeling her pajama style, which include a dress up skirt over her jam pants.

Jesse thinks we should just leave these in the car, but my objective behind these is that I don't always get the car warmed up before it's time to go places in the winter, and they'd be as cold as the car if we left them outside, ready to go.  I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, but what are 3 more blankets laying around the house and piled to take with us?

Again, I'm sure there are way better and much cooler car seat blankets you can make on Pinterest.  Or if you know a super crafty person.  This is my (less than) 5 minute model, and Kaylee was ready to go try it out immediately, so I think she's on board with it.

01 December 2016

Lily/Emma/Kaylee 42

Emma: thanks, Kaylee!
Kaylee: you're welcome, babe!

Kaylee: where is the walking feet Ariel?
(meaning the Ariel with legs vs a mermaid tail)

Kaylee walked into the kitchen,
"I'm not saying anything, I just need a towel for a mess.."

Emma: MOMMA! When I yell, there's a gecko!

Emma: I know what a Boxer is.  It's a dog you put in a box and send to someone else.

Jesse whispered to Lily and Emma:
Emma: ok, but Mom, don't look out the fire pit window, it's a surprise!

Emma held something out on her finger:
"Look it's an opening seed!"
Me: a sesame seed?

Emma: that's not funny, and I know funny!

Lily: let's get a princess cat that sparkles!
Emma: no, let's get a GOLDEN cat!
Lily: uh, gold cats aren't real.

Emma: can I have some M and Emmas?

Emma: MOM.  Aunt Shasta and Aunt Jess rhyme because they both have the "aunt" sound in it!

Kaylee: I love this show, crackle nuts.
(the Nutcracker)

I was doing a spelling lesson with Lily.
Me: spell, "cob."
Kaylee: HEY!  Like cob on the corn!

a baby doll fell out of the toy high chair:
Kaylee: oh, it's ok, she didn't die, she just fell.

06 November 2016

Lily's 6th!

And here we are, into November, and my little Lily turned 6 at the end of September.  Over a month behind on documenting it, but whatever, she isn't graduating college yet, so I say I'm doing fine. 

Overall, she had a great day.  Grandma and Grandpa H had sent her a check with birthday money so she could go pick out something she wanted from the store.  When they watched the girls back in August, they reported that Lily just was enthralled with ads and commercials and kept pointing out the things she wanted, so they thought it'd be fun for her to go pick one.  She knew right what she wanted, and she convinced her daddy to get up bright and early on the morning of her birthday, "as soon as the toy store opens, Daddy," to pick out what she wanted.  My parents and Gigi were able to come spend the weekend with us, and we had a great time playing together as a family, celebrating with presents and cake, and enjoying being outside. 

We had a birthday party for her last year, for her 5th birthday, and I think she was hoping for a party this year also.  She handled her disappointment well, no complaining, but the sensitive momma side of me could tell that she was sad we didn't have more people over.  I am adding this paragraph for the sole purpose of stating a fact that I can cry about later when she's in college.
So far, she loves being six.  She honestly seems to be living each thing with new wonder, every single day.  I wish I could live this way.  Everywhere we go, though she's been 6 for a month now, she states, "this is the first time doing xyz since I turned 6, isn't it," or, "so and so hasn't seen me since I turned 6, have they."  Lily also got her ears pierced a few days before her actual birthday- more on that in a minute- and we can tell she just loves it.  She will mention that her friends just will not be able to guess what's different, or, "do you think they will noticed I have my ears pierced?"  She seems to really be a little girl now, completely gone of the toddler years, and I am having so much fun with my oldest girl.  We can sit and have good conversations about a ton of stuff- both light and silly, to serious- and play anything she can daydream, and then sit down and focus in on a specific challenge with a lot more attention than I ever had.  Jesse and I got her a pile of hemp, beads, and a book on different knots to make friendship bracelets, and she just loves it.  I don't know what is normal for 6 year olds, but to me, her dexterity is fantastic.  She braids everything, and it's a good solid braid, and can tie shoes well.  One of her presentations at school for our community day was to show/teach her class how to do something, and I suggested she take her doll with long hair in to give her class a demo to braid.  She loved that idea, and while she was practicing for Jesse and me one evening, couldn't figure out how to both show her class (Jesse and me), and successfully braid.  After trying a few things, she sat the doll in her lap backwards, and announced she'd just show us, and then proceeded to braid backwards towards her audience.  I can barely braid backwards as an adult, and I think my jaw hit the floor. 

So Lily expressed interest in getting her ears pierced around her 5th birthday.  Jesse and I talked about it, and decided she was old enough for that if she really wanted it, after I described in detail what they would do.  I'm not big on sugar coating the truth to my kids, and try to tell them as much of the truth as I/we feel they can handle at their respective ages.  After I told her exactly what would happen, she decided on her own to wait.  No problem as far as we were concerned, this was now absolutely her decision, as we wanted it to be.  She talked about it off an on for most of the year, deciding that 8 would be the perfect age to get her ears pierced.  We encouraged her that whenever she felt she was ready, we'd make her an appointment.  A little before her birthday, she decided she was ready.  I had fully planned on taking her to a tattoo/piercing place to get it done, and I barely could say piercing before they said no, absolutely no piercing on people under 18.  With that out the door, we drove immediately to the mall and got them done.  She was a champ.  She teared up, I told her she could cry if she wanted to and that I was proud of her, and Emma and Kaylee cheered her on.

Lily is caring, has a fabulous memory and attention to detail, and loves her people.  And all people are her people.  She asks me about everyone she has ever met, I think.  When I show her pictures of my friends, she knows who they are right off the bat, and typically asks if we can call them to say hi.  Heads up, friends, we may start doing that.