18 May 2016

Lily isms 40

I am going to need a new title for these, as they now contain more than just Lily...

Lily: when it's dark out my window and Emma's window, it gives me the frightening.

Emma: Momma, can you call the Coleman's and Daddy and tell them to put their bees back in their coops, because they creep me out.

Emma: I run REAL fast, don't I?
Lily: yeah, but not as fast as Flash can!

Me: Kaylee, where are all these freckles coming from?!
Kaylee: uhm, from you basket!

Emma: I'm helping so much.  You love me most, don't you.

Kaylee: don't eat playdough, Zeke!  Yuck!

Me: ew, we aren't using this bathroom, it looks scary.
Emma: were you scared of the walrus?
[I have no idea what she was talking about]

Kaylee: I got some puddle in my feet.  That happened.

Lily: well I don't like our vitamins because I don't like the smell.
Me: just because you don't like the smell, doesn't mean you won't like how it tastes. Brussel sprouts smell bad but you think they're pretty good.
Lily: yes!
Emma: yeah! And I like cherries by Lily doesn't, and that doesn't make sense, does it!?