29 February 2012

23 Weeks, 2 days

Well, let's see.  As (I think) I mentioned in my last post, we've been working hard to finish (finally) getting the garage unpacked.  People who have moved many times can commiserate, and I know I have no room to speak on moving as compared to some, but 5 times in 4 years?  That just seems a bit excessive to me.  Each time we have moved previously, I have had the house just about completely unpacked within the first month of living there.  And now, my list of excuses why we've lived here a few months and why I'm not done: 
I am working a consistent, 5 day a week schedule- previously when we've moved, I either haven't been working, or I've been working evenings.
I was pregnant and having a tough time with morning sickness, though very few people actually knew this at the time ;) 
I have a 1 year old- does this one REALLY need further explanation? 
It's been cold.  And I'm a fair-weather mover. 
We were able to unpack all the essentials before we actually "moved in"- if I have everything I NEED already unpacked..what's the rest of this stuff that we have?!  Do we really need it?  

I could go on, but I know you don't really care too much.  The bottom line is that I am excited to finally see the bottom of the floor in the garage.

As I began documenting the change of Bob's room into a nursery from a computer room, I realized that I never took you on a tour of my house.  So please be (excitedly) anticipating that sometime in the near future.  I'm kinda annoyed at myself for not taking a "before" picture of our 3rd bedroom when it housed the computers..not that it was anything special, it just will never be a computer room or spare room (or Spare 'oom...I know at least some of you will get that) again.  Or at LEAST for a long, long time..

Now to stories: 
Friday, I was awoken at 4a sick.  Quite sick.  It was awful.  I finally managed to go back to bed and when my alarm went off to get up for work, I quickly rolled out of bed to be sick some more and thought "work?  HAH.  No way would I survive.."  So I text my WONDERFUL coworker an SOS and she graciously said she would go into work for me so I could be just about dead to the world the rest of the day.  Jesse went to work, and Lily (oh so kindly) let me sleep in until 830-9.  The day was spent with me running to the bathroom and then back to try and keep her quietly entertained while I sat in a ball on the floor of her room.  I knew I was getting pretty dehydrated, and finally gave it up that I'm not a super mom (yet) when I had to literally crawl, because I lacked the strength and energy to walk, down the hall to get Lily up from her nap and I was too weak to even pick her up and carry her out to the living room.  For the people that know and love me, I don't know why I didn't call and ask you for help, I know I have a ton of people who would have come running.  I was apparently that far gone by this point.  Jesse came home early to take care of Lily (and me) so I could just relax and try and get some fluids ingested.  Fortunately, Saturday went much better.  In fact, Jesse and Mike were able to twist my arm and convince me to go see Star Wars Episode I in 3D with them.  It obviously took a ton of convincing..and for those of you who haven't seen it (but are Star Wars fans), the 3D is pathetic (of course), but how many times will you get to see it on the big screen?  Just go.
It ended up taking me until Monday to finally kick whatever bug I had and really start to feel better for real.  Yesterday and today have been MUCH better and I actually am feeling hydrated again.

Jesse's parents came over for the day on Sunday, and we just lounged around and relaxed.  It's nice to have such understanding family who don't mind if you're lazy and can't entertain, and don't expect it at all.  But of course, having a small child means that I rarely have to entertain anyway, since she is an act all by herself ;) 

That's about it..Jesse got Bob's furniture assembled, and I'm about 90% sure that Lily thinks the crib is for her.  But why would she think differently?  We are holding off on moving her to a "big girl" bed, probably until she's at least two, and we'll have to see then.  My big concern now is the fact she moves so much in her sleep (which, she gets honestly from her momma..).  And I think this picture should explain why I'm hesitant to remove any railings..

who knows where she'd go without the rails?
Nothing too exciting to report with Bob..s/he felt the need to move around just about the entire day when I was sick and felt like I was dying, so that was super nice.  And we had words, though I tried to remember to thank God on occasion for movement because I knew the baby was ok, even though I was struggling and so dehydrated.  Of course, the next thought in my prayer was, "but if you wouldn't mind holding off on the somersaults until I feel better.."


22 February 2012

quick update

I know you've all been waiting on baited breath for an update from me.  Good news: the wait is over. 

Jesse was gone on a business trip all last week, so Lily and I got to experience firsthand why I am not a single parent and why I have a loving spouse to help out.  It really wasn't all that bad, but I'm glad the business trips aren't more often.  Truth be told, we kind of had a boring week.  We went to the Y several times during the week so I could workout and get an hour break from chasing Lily and honestly, I was in bed by 9 most nights.  Of course, I was reading, crocheting or talking to Jesse on the phone for an hour or so after that, but why don't more activities take place in bed anyway?  It's so relaxing and comfortable..

Speaking of crocheting, that was my project I started last week.  I've been messing around and learning how to do a single, double crochet and taught myself how to do a "granny square," but I was getting bored with those, and felt it was time that I could follow a simple pattern and make something for real.  I was planning on just getting a 2 different colors of yarn, making some squares and then eventually piecing them together.  However, when I was perusing the yarn selection, I found a pound of yarn that had a simple pattern on the inside of the label for a baby afghan.  I felt this was a perfect start: a nice, big, crocheted square for Bob.  
what a pound of yarn looks like, for the curious
Jesse got home Friday, which was nice since it was his birthday, and I had a pineapple upside down cake waiting for his arrival.  Later that evening, Jesse's cousin's (Rick and Nikki) arrived for the weekend.  Nothing too exciting to report from our weekend, but it was so nice to just have a relaxing and fun weekend with them, and I'm so glad that it worked out they could visit.  We played lots of board games (Agricola, Dominion, Ticket to Ride and Ascension), the guys did some shooting (both sporting clays and archery) and did some hiking around our property, and Nikki and I vegged out, played with Lily, read and went to the first garage sale of the season (thanks for braving it with me, Nikki!, and for the tip, Jen!).  Sidenote, who has a garage sale in February!?  Regardless, I found a few things: some shirts/tops for Lily, as well as a pair of Nike tennis shoes ($1...who pays full price for kids shoes?!  I'm grateful someone does so I can buy them used!) and a couple onesies that will work out fine for Bob and a few more that will work out fine if Bob turns out to be a girl.  And if not, I found a few things for my niece, Kole ;) 

The weekend went way too fast, but it always does when you're having fun.  This week has been busy, and Lily has reached the grumpy point of getting a tooth or two, so hopefully those pop out soon.  Jesse has been working very hard on cleaning out our garage so he can use it in the spring for his workshop, and today, we moved our computers from the 3rd bedroom upstairs to the basement to make room for Bob's furniture in the room (and further clean out the garage).  Pictures of the progression should be happening, but now the camera and room are all the way upstairs and I'm understand. 

I will leave you with some pictures since this was a fairly boring post.
Nutella face
Daddy was explaining a new board game to Lily
just relaxing, doing some reading on Nikki's iPad
chillin' with Rick
I need to take more pictures.  That's really all there is to it.  And have more interesting stories for you.

13 February 2012

21 weeks

I was looking through pictures and realized I'm a few weeks or so behind on sharing some with you people.  Ridiculous.  So to start, the Super Bowl: 

I'm really upset I couldn't adjust my camera settings quickly enough for these two.  Betsy had given Lily a spoon with something delicious on it (don't remember what it was) and Lily didn't want Fiona to be left out, so she went and shared her spoon with Fi.  I love that these two are already bffs.
Lily and Kayla
Fiona grabbed a fistful of something off Betsy's plate...again, I wasn't fast enough with my camera.  Small children move too fast and don't stop moving when you say "WAIT! Let me get my camera!"

This may have been before the Super Bowl..but Lily helped me make cookies.  She is quickly learning what my handheld mixer and my Kitchen Aid sound like..and that if she waits around long enough, I typically will give her a beater.  Of course, she just likes being in the kitchen when I cook/bake anyway, but that clearly helps.  When I'm cooking or baking for fun, and Lily is cooperative, I get out my little step stool for her to stand on and "help."  Normally this makes a huge mess, but I want her to know that being in the kitchen can be fun AND tasty.  So, for example, when I'm baking bread and kneading the bread dough, she is typically standing next to me trying to snitch pieces of the dough and if she can't get a pinch fast enough, she'll just grab fistfuls of flour and either try and eat it or just throw it down the front of herself and all over the floor.  Next, we will be working on how to clean up after ourselves...

And, the weather has been finicky.  But on one of the random nice days last week, we all went outside after her nap to play and run around.  She really enjoys chasing Zeke around the yard, and he thinks it's great fun.  I'm excited for her to grow up with him around and I know he's pretty excited that she wants to play all the time.  Except when he was napping earlier today and she went over and sat right next to his head and started pulling on his lips..
And then, we have Kayla's birthday party.  Jesse wasn't able to go with Lily and me this year, but she and I had fun anyway!
Lily, Uncle Trey and Fiona
 Please compare this picture to one from Kayla's birthday last year..

yeah.  look how little Lily was!  and Fiona was just a few days away from making her grand entrance!
Kayla stealing the candle off her cake

Aunt Betsy and Kayla taking Lily for a ride in the teacups
one more picture from last year because they're both so stinkin' cute..and Lily was so tiny!!  ahhhh, I'm in denial.


10 February 2012

and we're having a....

 SURPRISE!  Hah, you thought I caved and found out what we were having today, didn't you?

So did Jesse.

Because he stayed home sick one day this week, he didn't feel he could take a half day today to go to the ultrasound with me.  Stinks, but I understand.  And since I/we wasn't/weren't planning on finding out today, not as big of a deal.  However, I was a little concerned because I hadn't lined anyone up to watch Lily and I would be kind of a out of commission to chase Lily around the ultrasound room.  Fortunately, I was able to convince Julia to go with me to be my child wrangler.  She even changed a dirty diaper so that Lily didn't stink up the whole room!  Thanks, Julia!!!  I got home and Jesse said "did you find out what we're having?"  "no..."  "oh, I kinda thought you would."  I couldn't tell if that was disappointment or not.

Everything is looking good, and Bob is measuring right where s/he should be for 20ish weeks.  The doctor did say that they saw a "cystic structure" on the brain but that those typically go away.  I gave this group of doctors bonus points today because when I found out at the 20 week ultrasound with Lily that she had a spot on her heart, the doctors and midwives just said "oh, it could be anything, maybe Down syndrome.." and left it at that for me to panic over for a few more months.  My doctor today continued on to say that they go away, we'll repeat the ultrasound at 28 weeks and that they see a lot more of this now and he believed this to be because technology is improving and you can see a lot more of how the baby is developing now.  Bottom line, doctor's still are learning and don't know everything I guess, but if he's not worried about it, neither am I.

the tech only gave me two pictures!  I got at least 5 of them with Lily..kind of bummed, but I guess Bob wasn't too cooperative.

I have two stories to share, and I know I've already told them to some of you, so sorry for the repeat.  I recently showed Lily how to zip up her sleeper.  She has been working very hard on buttons, velcro and zippers, so I thought she'd love it.  As soon as she got it zipped up, with a huge smile on her face, my immediate thought was "oh...great, now I'll walk into her room in the morning to a naked baby."  After I got her ready for bed, I went to the bathroom real fast and didn't get the door shut all the way.   Next thing I know, Lily comes running in, throws her sleeper at me and takes off in her diaper, giggling, to hide behind the recliner in the living room.  What a goofball.  And of course, her daddy did what any daddy (or I) would have done and just watched the whole thing, laughing himself.  I don't blame him.

This morning, I heard her playing in her crib and went in to get her.  There she was, happy as a lark in just her diaper.  I'm glad she at least has left the diaper on so far..I don't want to think about the disaster that taking THAT off could cause..

Potty training is..going.  Slowly, but going.  She went a few times in the toilet right after we started and I was pumped and thought we were on our way.  Even if it was only once a day, I was ok with that.  Then we hit a 5 day span of nothing and I was pretty discouraged.  Jesse kept reminding me that she's still young, it's not a big deal and that she'll get it.  And then later that day, I got her on the toilet in time and I was pumped again.  Then a few more days of nothing.  I think part of the reason I was so bummed was because I had gone and gotten her her favorite snack (fruit snacks!) as a "reward" to try and help her out.  I even read labels to make sure I was getting the "healthy and natural" ones because I am not about to give her candy every time she goes.  I knew she'd be so thrilled when she got one (one piece..not the one whole packet) and then she wouldn't go!  I almost had to eat the whole box myself as a consolation. Tonight, though, she went twice in a row before bed!

I'm feeling pretty good.  I have waves of tiredness, but I guess that's to be expected.  A few people have gotten up enough courage to either ask me or coworkers if I was expecting, so I guess I'm passed the "is she pregnant, or has she just had a few too many bowls of ice cream?" stage and people are noticing.  I don't mind.  While texting SIL Erin the other day, she asked if the baby had started to move up under my ribs and camp out there.  I guess this is normal?  I've heard a lot of my friends and various moms I've met complain of toes in ribs and feeling like the baby would try and push out THROUGH the ribs...doesn't sound pleasant.  I never had that with Lily, and so far I am avoiding this with Bob, too.  The ultrasound tech today did keep commenting how Bob's face was buried so low.  Really, almost behind my hip bone on the right side.  Which is right where Lily camped out and had the hiccups.  All.  the.  time.  So annoying.  The highest I ever felt movement with Lily was when I was 7+ months along and she would wiggle her bum around, right below the bottom of my sternum.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry for you women who are short?  Haha, that sounds awful..but what I mean is, I have a long torso apparently, so there is plenty of room for the baby to go up and down before having to go straight out and without intruding my rib space.  Mom friends, is this true?  Did most of my (shorter than me) friends have a baby up under the ribs?  I'm not that tall, but I guess I'm more evenly proportioned in legs to torso ratio than some of my friends who are all legs..?

Meh, whatever.  Just something I've been mulling over.
sorry I look so awkward..20 weeks, 4 days

08 February 2012

pure excitement.

I realize there is just a ton of stuff I'm really excited about. And as this is my blog and place for thoughts, stories and whatever I feel like posting, here is my list, in no particular order (except possibly chronological order):

Friends and family coming to visit and see us! If you haven't already made plans with us to visit, please do so.

Garage sales! The weather has been nice lately, and with the thought of scouring the town for secondhand clothes for Bob and other treasures, I can't wait!

Going to visit my SIL and BIL (Hildebrand side) soon :) and the arrival of my first niece!

Painting the baby's room. Not sure when that will actually be happening, but I'm excited to do so.

GOING FOR A RUN. You have no idea. Again, with the nicer weather, I've been itching to go run. I've been working out, but nothing as fulfilling as a good run. Mostly biking, the elliptical (worst invention EVER- I almost prefer the dreadmill), walking, swimming and yoga. Blah.

Spring. Jesse and I have so many great plans. Mostly setting up our own garden, shooting clay pigeons (now that he has his thrower again, hooray!), and hiking over our hill and forest. And playing outside LOTS with L and Z :)

The arrival of Bob! This one seemed obvious, but I felt I should say it anyway.

Reading. I've been doing a ton more of this, and have about 10 books lined up on my Nook and I'm antsy to get going on some!

So much to look forward to! Ahhhh...and I know I'm forgetting some.

Ultrasound Friday- look forward to pictures of Bob!


02 February 2012

19 weeks, 3 days

Well.  Here we are.  Almost to the halfway point of being pregnant with baby number two!

My dear sister informed that I don't talk about Bob as much as I talked about Lily.  I really don't remember specifics about what I talked about that pregnancy..though I guess that was the reason I blogged then, so if I REALLY wanted to, I could go back and re-read them.  Meh.  Go for it, people, let me know what I had to say ;) And I'm not intentionally avoiding talking about Bob..I just really feel this pregnancy is different on just about every possible level:
We didn't tell people the day we found out..our families didn't find out until I was 14 weeks along, and I guess that because we didn't talk about it to our friends and families, we didn't talk about it to each other a ton?  I mean, we did talk about it and how excited we were..but I guess I wasn't hounding Jesse every day of every week trying to figure out what he was thinking and feeling during the whole pregnancy.  Since Lily was a surprise, it took us both awhile to wrap our minds around the fact we were going to be parents and our lives would be changing forever and so I feel like I, at least, talked about it a ton more, hoping that the more I talked about it, the more real it would feel.  
This time, I guess especially after the miscarriage, we're both just so excited that we knew this from the minute I took the pregnancy test and we haven't needed to revisit the topic.  Now that I'm feeling the baby kick and move around, I'm beginning to feel more at ease with it all and know that this is for real.  And I also know it will continue to feel "more real" the bigger I get and once we actually set up his/her nursery and I can walk in and see where Bob will sleep in such a short time.  

I tried really hard not to have any expectations of how this pregnancy would go..and for the most part I haven't, but even if I had, man would they be wrong.  I had the easiest pregnancy ever with Lily (or so I thought).  I avoided morning sickness and felt her move around 12 weeks.  With Bob..The first 11 weeks were awful.  I was incredibly nauseous, though I never threw up, and just was so lethargic and exhausted.  I didn't feel movement until closer to 16 weeks this time around.  I didn't notice any cravings with Lily, and while I still don't think I'm having cravings-- which I label as the wake up in the middle of the night "I MUST HAVE THIS NOW" need for something specific-- I have noticed there are some foods I'm wanting more often than not.  Recently, it's been pasta.  Again, not I MUST HAVE IT NOW wants, just most of the meals I think about for dinner have some sort of pasta in them.  Jesse thinks I'm getting in touch with my Italian side (he claimed my Mexican side with Lily since I wanted everything to have hot sauce on it).  A week or so ago, I was wanting proteins, but NO MEAT.  Ugh.  I hadn't realized how much we ate meat until none of it (except a big, delicious steak) sounded appetizing.  I wanted spinach and peanut butter.  Not together, though.  

What else has been  My body ached for the first trimester this time around.  The same kind of joint pain I get after a really long run.  One of my co-workers told me she thought I was already carrying this baby lower than I carried Lily.  Now, to be fair, I carried Lily pretty low.  The cute old grandma's who "know" everything about a pregnant woman just by looking at her would come up to me and say "you're having a boy, aren't you."  No, granny, it's a girl.  But I really have been feeling this baby is lower, still.  Which is weird, because all my pants still fit, and I think at this time with Lily I was either already wearing maternity pants on occasion or having to leave the top button undone on my jeans..but everything still fits.  Maybe I'm wearing sweats more..

I guess that's all I can think of off the top of my head.  And now, two announcements that I guess I have to finally accept and make public:
1) I am 97% sure we are going to let Bob's gender be a surprise.  I am, however, female and pregnant, so this is liable to change.  I'm incredibly excited to see our little one next week at the ultrasound, but I am really liking the thought of waiting until delivery to find out if it's a boy or girl.  Which, if you know me very well at all, this will be a shock to you since you know how I am with surprises.  
2) we (read: Amber) have started potty training Lily.  Even though she's only 16.5 months, I/we felt that now was a fine time.  I'm not going to get all bent out of shape, stress about it or force her because I know it's early.  But since she'll be 21 months when Bob is born, I decided I would MUCH rather try and begin potty training NOW as opposed to when there's a newborn baby.  We began on Sunday and I'm not sure what to expect or what I expected.  Jesse was impressed we've had any successes, I guess he assumed it'd be a few weeks before she went in the toilet.  I guess I (wrongly!) assumed she'd go the first day we tried..but we HAVE had a few successes and I'm clearly more excited about it than she is!  We will see how this ends up going in a few more weeks..

this was when Lily decided to share her spoonful of peanut butter with Zeke..not just in the "here, Z, have the rest of it" but in the "I will have a lick, now you have a lick, now I have a lick" kind of way.  yummy.