24 July 2013

Lily isms 3

When we were outside playing, Emma wandered off.
"Well, I better find Emma before she gets in trouble!"

After Jesse showered, Lily was patting his wet hair.
"Daddy, you got rain on your head!"

Lily accidentally drew on herself with a pen.
"Oh no. That's ok, it happens."
Also, while snapping green beans, she shot a bean at her own eye.
"Ow! That happens."
--this is my current favorite thing she says.

Emma and Lily are playing in Lily's new sleeping bag.
"Come in here, Emma! It will be fun!"

"Let's get this show started!"

At a restaurant, Jesse stands up and says he has to go to the restroom. Very loudly, Lily says, "AGAIN?"

Me: Lily, are you tooting?
Lily: yeah, my am. It stinks!
Me: yes, yes it does.
Jesse: it smells like a stunk!
Lily: it DOES smell like a stunk. My need a bath.

23 July 2013

a little summer update

Jesse tells me it is high time that I update my blog again.  Hmph.  I'd like to see him keep up a blog ;) 

The girls continue to love each other and I just love watching them grow up and play together.  It makes me so happy that I'm blessed to be a stay at home mom to watch their interactions.  They are both happy, healthy and hilarious; what more could a momma ask for?  Lily will proudly tell almost anyone who will listen that she will be "3 in September!" and that Emma is her little sister.  Emma isn't too interested in talking yet, but Lily talks plenty for both of them and Emma is trying her hardest to keep up with Lily in every other way possible.  She's trying to figure out how to run, but can happily spin circles, climb, walk backwards and today she was trying to jump.  Which was hysterical because she absolutely did not get it.  

What else can I tell you.  A few stories I've been meaning to share about nap times..
I tried putting Lily down for a nap one day and she was so upset that Emma wasn't in her crib, though I explained I'd bring Emma in soon.  Emma heard Lily crying and walked down the hall and started banging on the bedroom door until I let her in and ended up just letting her nap early.
Another nap time, I knew Emma had fallen asleep quickly and heard Lily calling me.  I didn'twant her to wake up Emma, so I hurried back to find her standing in her bed, telling me she had to potty.  So I took her and explained it was time to be quiet so Emma could nap and she proudly told me she had covered Emma up with her blankets once she fell asleep.  Sure enough, Emma was buried in blankets.  Lily said she had climbed into the crib to cover her, which I wouldn't be surprised if that's what really happened.  This nap time didn't last, Lily wouldn't leave poor Emma alone to sleep and kept crawling into her crib.  When I'd go in to kick her out, she'd cry and say she just wanted to be with Emma and to play with her.  How can I say no to that?

This past weekend, Jesse and I took the girls to the Hildebrand grandparents for an overnight so he and I could go to a wedding Saturday.  I think Lily would have been just fine at the wedding, but chasing a 13 month old all day was less than appealing.  And I was pretending to be the photographer, so I couldn't very well help Jesse watch the little girls, and we didn't think they'd be too thrilled with me completely ignoring them all day.  From the Grandparent Report, they behaved and had a ton of fun.  I even got some pretty art projects for my fridge.  Sunday, we all headed to Columbus to go to the zoo.  It was a pretty hot day, but at least the girls and I had a blast!  I had been looking forward to taking Lily to the zoo since she was probably Emma's age and we finally got to go.  And the timing worked out great because Emma loves animals now too and got so excited every time she saw animals.  And Jesse just bought me a new 50 mm lens for my camera and the zoo was the perfect place to really give it a good test.  For the record, it's my absolute new favorite.  I think Lily's favorite was kangaroos, as that was what she kept asking to see from the minute we walked through the gate and after we saw every other animal.  

"look Momma, like a 4-wheeler!"

a favorite of mine
Lily standing like the flamingos
another favorite of mine
I asked Jesse if we could smuggle this guy home.  He said no.  He is no fun.
Other than that...not a whole lot is going on.  I loaded my first batch of green beans into the canner today and have probably another half load to do tomorrow.  Maybe I will get Jesse to snap the beans for me.  Oh, that's really about it for this time.  We've been keeping busy with summer stuff around the house and as few trips as possible because we really just like being home!  I'm still taking pictures of the girls, I realize I haven't uploaded any to my other blog in probably a few months, but I'll post some there soon.  Maybe I'll do better about keeping up here...

05 July 2013

Lily isms 2

My apologies for bad formatting. I'm posting from my phone as these funny moments happen, and who knows what goes on in the phone formatting phase.

I asked Lily to feed Zeke, which she happily did. After he finished eating, I asked how much she'd given him.
"A little more than enough."
Ok, perfect amount.

We have wild lillies growing by our creek. One day when we were walking to take care of the chickens, I thought Lily would enjoy sharing her name with the pretty orange flowers.
Me: do you see those orange flowers? Those are called lillies.
Lily: those are daffodils?!
Me: no, they are called lillies. Just like you!
Lily: no! Those aren't mine! Those daffodils aren't mine!

As she is "doctoring" Jesse and removing "ticks" and "splinters" with tweezers:
"Don't worry, my am very good at this."

Getting ready for baths.
Me: ok, come on girls, bathtime!
Lily: my not need a bath! My am not stinky! My am beautiful!

"See you later, Emma alligator!"

Our cousins, Rick and Nikki, are visiting and being troopers and sleeping on an air mattress. Yesterday morning, Lily decided to walk on the mattress while Rick was still sleeping and buried under blankets, and tripped over him.
Jesse: what did you trip over?
Lily: a turtle.