29 March 2017

LEK isms 47

Kaylee: Old MacDonald's had a farm...with a moo moo here and a moo moo all over the place.

Emma: Momma, when I was yawning, a hiccup got in the front of it.

[Lily asked the Amazon Echo to tell her a joke, and came to tell us what she'd heard]
Lily: hey, what do you call a camel with no humps?
us: what?
Lily: free humps!
Jesse and me to each other: that's a terrible joke.
:: we looked up the joke to see how it actually went, the answer was "Humphrey."

Lily: why do we have to shut the door when we leave?
Me: so nobody comes in and takes all our stuff.
Emma: well, maybe they don't know which way to turn the door knob.
Me: that's possible.
Emma: ...well then what if they turn it the other way...maybe if it's a little girl that's a bad guy and she couldn't reach the door knob.  Maybe she'd have to kick it.

Me: wow, you girls made a mess down here.
Kaylee: I think it was coyotes.
Me: oh really?
Kaylee: yes, they came in, threw this stuff all over the place and then went home.

Me: Lily, what's the name of the big bald guy in Mulan?
Lily: I think it' I dunno, it sounds like shampoo.
:: it's obviously Chan Po.

Kaylee: I want to go to Coleman's.
Me: I don't think they're home right now.
Kaylee: are they at church?
Me: probably not, but I suppose they might be.
Kaylee: I think they are, and will be home at thirty o'clock.

Emma: can I put a fossil in the water?
Lily: no, that will turn it back into dirt. That's what it's printed out of, when dinosaurs made them.

Lily: MOM. I HAVE to learn goalie this year. Remember when I played soccer and I could use my hands? That was goalie. My teacher told me we have to learn to play it. Like, have to have to, so we're ready for next year!

13 March 2017

Kaylee's 3rd

Only a month late.  But our not-so-little Kaylee is 3!  We were able to have both sets of grandparents come spend time with us for her birthday, and it was so nice to have both Jesse and my parents here at the same time with the kids for a few hours.

At 3, Kaylee is a ball of fire.  She is incredibly clingy to me right now; separation anxiety is incredibly real, and ending in hysterical fits when I leave, even for an hour workout at the gym.  Fortunately, she calms down in about 5 minutes and enjoys herself after that, but she is having an incredibly hard time with me actually leaving, and walking out of the room.  We're dealing with this as patiently as we can.

Kaylee loves her sisters, and loves to play with "our sisters," and to pester them.  She loves to push their buttons, but just as quickly wants to snuggle up with them when they are willing.  When she is in a particularly good mood, she loves to trace the wipe off letter pages we have, and is actually pretty good at staying in the lines.  She wants to do everything her sisters do, and tells me all the time she just wants whatever Lily and Emma have or are doing.  Her fine motor skills are great, in my opinion, and her vocabulary is fantastic.  Whereas her sisters were just now starting full stories (if I recall correctly), Kaylee has been telling us make believe stories and silliness for quite awhile.  She is in the same size clothes as Emma, for the most part, and will likely pass her before Emma knows what has happened.  She continues to be the snuggler, and will glue herself to who I hand her to.  Nearly every Sunday, I get the report back that Kaylee was the teacher's buddy, and was content to sit on available laps the majority of the time. 

We are all looking forward to the warmer days, where she can ride her new scooter on the road with her sisters for sure!  Kaylee also loves to play with her baby dolls, and will come up with elaborate stories by herself, which is highly entertaining to me to watch.

she painted her own nails, and managed to get some on her face...