07 October 2010

bit o' change..

As was pointed out to me by the fabulous Kimmy, my blog title was no longer accurate and required a change.  And since I was changing titles and things, I felt it was time for a new picture.  This is the best we have so far..all attempts with the dog portion of our family were pretty pathetic, so we'll work on that and maybe get a different picture up at some point.  And, hey, while I'm at it, maybe I'll change the background and some other fancy options and give my blog a complete face lift..or maybe not.

My parents stay has been great fun :) they helped relieve a ton of stress with the whole moving thing and were super helpful with cleaning and moving boxes and things from House A to House B.  Unfortunately, they have to leave tomorrow.  Grandpa Pagano DID have a chance to share his favorite joke with Lily..and I had to tell her that they all go downhill from there [what did George Washington say to his men before they crossed the Delaware River?  "Men, get in the boat!"  har har har].  BUT, Lily's aunt Jessica will be arriving tomorrow, so the fun party continues.  Then, Uncle Joel and Aunt Kimmy will be coming to meet our little girl (and help us unpack!) in a few weeks when they're on their fall break (it's on my blog, it's official: you crazies are coming!). between, hopefully I will be able to settle into this routine of being a mom and maybe, maybe unpack some and settle into a new house.  We'll see about both of those..

Didn't really have too much to report at this point..Mom, Lily and I got to Skype with my wonderful Findlay grandparents this evening for a few minutes before Lily woke up and demanded food, and hopefully we'll be able to do that again soon and have a longer conversation!  I'm looking forward to heading to Findlay in a few weeks for a wedding that I'm in (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay NIKKI AND RICK!!! <3).  But..beyond that, I'm kind of hoping to just hang out in good ol' Clarksburg for the weeks to come and just settle into the house (I will post pictures when we're organized..if I ever get there) and everything.

And...well.  I'm tired and gonna head to bed!  I just wanted to update my blog so it was accurate and felt I should post while I was at it, even though I didn't have anything to say.

So the end.

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