30 August 2015

Lily ism 35

Lily: look! A boom bam forest!
Me: a bamboo forest?

Emma: look, an airy-yo!
(an arrow)

Lily: the days just keep coming.  But some days are more special than other days, like birthdays.

Emma: Lily, trains are sneaky.

Lily: I'm hungry.
Me: do you want some more lunch?
Lily: well, I really  just want a cookie.
Me: no, those are for tonight.
Lily: but shouldn't I try one to make sure it's good?

Lily: did you see God before he died?
Me: no, Jesus walked the earth a REALLY long time ago.
Lily: oh, did Grandma and Grandpa see Jesus?
Me: no, way before them also.
Lily: oh, he's not a human anymore?
Me: uh..well..
Emma: is he a mermaid!?

Emma: I have the yawnies.

Playing a superhero game with Jesse, Lily called Emma Wild Krat.
Jesse: Emma is Wild Krat? What's your name?
Lily: Babe.

Lily: I mean, nothing is wrong, it's just broken.

16 August 2015

I said what? 4

"Emma, don't hit Lily! No. I mean, Kaylee don't hit Emma!"

Lily: I'm the dragon!
Emma: no, I'm the dragon!
Me: well, one of you can be Smaug and the other can be...uh...Jesse, help me out, I need another dragon!
Jesse: Puff!

Jesse: no, don't touch my crown, I'M THE PRINCESS!!!!

"Why is there a puppy in the crib with Kaylee?"

After a discussion on hummingbirds in the van:
Lily: why do hummingbirds hum?
Jesse: (said so quickly that Lily almost didn't get to finish her sentence) BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW THE WORDS!!!
And after about 5 minutes of a ridiculous amount of laughing between Jesse and me,
Me: you've been waiting a long time for that.
Jesse: yes I have. Well, I have nothing else I want to do today.

09 August 2015

Lily isms 34

This batch of "isms" may be better titled, "Emma isms."

Emma: can I have another flamingo?
Me: ...a flamingo.
Emma: yes, for Kaylee and me.
Jesse: she wants a mango.

Emma: we can go on the jumpaline!

Emma: I'm strong just like Superman!

Emma: look, Momma, that dump truck is hauling that tractor! Silly tractor.

Emma to Lily: thank you, you're the BEST Lily.

(I walked back to the girls' room to tell them to settle down after an hour of giggling at bedtime, and found Emma up on Lily's bunk).
Me: Emma, get in your bed, it's time to go to sleep.
Lily: but we were looking at this book together! Can we please finish it?
Me: ok, I guess that'd be fine, but then Emma needs to get in her own bed and go to sleep.
Lily: ok, Momma. We haven't started it, so it might take awhile.

Emma, talking about our Venus fly traps: oh, that one let the bug out!  That was sweet of him.

We were watching a few sparrows fly around and land around the house. All three thought that was great, and suddenly, Lily stopped and held out her hand. A few minutes later:
(we don't raise princesses over here, but apparently, someone expects to be treated like a Disney Princess when it comes to animals)

(I promise, more posts coming soon)