27 March 2015

Lily isms 31

Lily: Mom, what day is it?
Me: Friday.
Lily: let's have Taco Bell and make it Taco Tuesday!

Lily: Momma, Daddy is stinky.

[heard from inside the blanket fort]
Lily: don't go out there, it'll be dangerous!
Emma: no, I 'dult, I'll be fine.

[after starting Cinderella at a friend's house and not getting to finish it:]
Lily: I want to see that movie.
Me: Cinderella?
Lily: yes.
Me: well, we don't have it.  Maybe we can rent it or buy it sometime?
Lily: yes, we should get it for a birthday. Daddy will buy it for your birthday.
Me: my birthday?
Lily: yes. Tell Daddy you want it for your birthday.

Jesse: are you sniffing?
Emma: no, I Emma.

Lily: I wish I could be Cinderella...
Me: that would be fun, wouldn't it?
Lily: yes. I would be Cinderella. And you, Emma and Kaylee could be the three little mouse-es. And Daddy could be...the Fairy Godmother.

The girls were telling us a story-
Lily: and there was a Queen named...Amber!
Me: YES! I'm a queen!
Lily: yes, and then Queen Amber died.
Jesse: too bad you died so quickly into this story.

Lily: Momma, you're being mean to Emma.
Me: what?! No I'm not, what did I do that was mean?
Lily: you told her she couldn't have any more treats.
Me: she already had a treat! I told her she could have one.
Lily: well that was really mean.

Emma: I super like this! It's yummy, yummy, yummy for my tummy!

03 March 2015

I said what? 3

[after reading this post, I realize it sounds like we are always telling our children things they can't do and stopping their fun.  I promise, that's not always the case: these things just sound funnier after the fact and out of context than other normal and every day things.]

Jesse: ok, Bae, whatever you want.
Me: Bae? What is bae?
Jesse: short for "babe" or "baby?"
Me: I am not a harbor, you can't call me that.
(at which point Jesse was just laughing at me)
Me: seriously, what's with not using full words anymore? I'm not ok with the stupid, half thought out phrases that idiots are using now...I am such a grumpy old lady.

"Lily stop being a diva about your pizza and eat it."

"Emma get the toilet seat out of your mouth!"

"Stop buzzing, you aren't a bee!"

"Emma, surely you can find something else to play with besides the trash can."

Before putting Kaylee to bed, I asked Jesse to help pick up.  When I came out of her room, everything I suggested he work on was still undone.
Me: What are you doing?
Jesse: Sitting here.
Me: But...
Jesse: Oh I helped...I cleaned off the counter.
Me: *looks* which one?
Jesse: Oh, well, I ate the cookie that was on that counter...

Jesse: Stop licking my shoe!

Jesse: you two were told to stay in bed.
Lily: but Emma...
Jesse: yepyepyepyepyepyepyepyepyepyepyepyep, stop talking.  Now stay in bed.  Close your eyes, it's bed time.  Emma, close your eyes.
*walks out*
Jesse: how mature was I right then?
Me: so mature I went straight to my blog to write it down.
Jesse: what!? NO!