25 March 2016

Lily isms 39

Lily: no stickers for you, Pumpkin!

Lily: I have a story! There once was a snake, who lived by a lake, who dreamed of chocolate cake!

Emma: Kaylee! I have a soccer ball, and now I'm going to soccer.

Emma: Mom, will you ask Google how long it will take for me to feel better?

Lily: are sun rays pink?
Me: yes, they can be...
Lily: and are sun downs purple?

Lily: let's make those smashy potatoes!
Emma: smashy potatoes? You mean mashed potatoes??!

Kaylee: there me go!

Talking about Santa, and that the presents really come from us.
Emma: you give us the presents? You're so sneaky!

In regards to the blue lightsaber band-aid.
Lily: oh look, a good guy sword!

Emma: when Kaylee hurt me, God healed me right up!

Emma: I'm really clever, am (aren't) I?