21 October 2010

same old people, new address

Well, life continues to be exciting, and we continue to live by the Team Hildebrand motto of "go big or go home" which is always an adventure.  In this case, we moved last weekend..3 weeks after Lily graced us with her presence.  In all honesty, moving with a newborn is THE worst idea ever.  Do not EVER do this because it is just stupid.  Fortunately for me, when I turn into a panicky, stressed out mess, Jesse is very calm and helps me see that it's not the end of the world.  Additionally, we have great families who all pitched in (in one way or another..yes, you too, Matt and Erin [through texting encouragement/support]) to get us from A to B.  Jesse's parents came down last weekend to do the big push, and between the three of them, we got everything to the new house and the old house looking spic and span (thanks Mom H).  While I was busy stressing out, they worked hard to get the job done, and I'm very grateful for all the hard work!  Lily and I cut the grass at the new house while they were moving/cleaning, and then she continued to ride around in a front pack as I tried to organize and unpack the new home, which looked like the aftermath of a bomb explosion.

Unpacking is..going.  Slowly but surely.  Again, let me stress how dumb of an idea it is to move with a newborn.  You get maybe a box unpacked before she wakes up and needs you for the next hour.  Then, she dozes off and you cross your fingers that she'll sleep long enough for you to unpack another box.  Oh, add in a needy/hyperactive Boxer and you have yourself a real party.  Ok, enough complaining..really, it is going pretty well :) I'll post pictures of what the house looks like when it's all unpacked (probably in a few months..don't be expecting them sooner).

The old house did manage to give me one last parting gift..poison ivy.  Again.  From the dumb bushes out front.  Jesse went and trimmed the bushes about two weeks ago and apparently got it on him (to be expected), but then passed the wonderful poison ivy oils onto me before getting them all washed off.  So yes, I am apparently ultra allergic to poison ivy and have it (once again) on my arms, stomach and leg, because apparently once it's on me a little bit, it gets everywhere.  Wonderful.

Lily and I are also slowly but surely coming up with a daily routine of sorts.  I have been eagerly waiting for us to develop one, and at least the mornings and evenings are working themselves into a pattern.  The middle of the day is up in the air, but considering I'm trying to organize a house while Jesse's at work, this isn't a surprise.  Oh, and sidenote, Jesse and I have only held serious discussions about getting rid of Dog once (so far..) and I've only thought about opening the door and letting what might happen, happen, a handful of times.  But, I did manage to take myself to a dentist appointment..the receptionists were very helpful and obviously were up for keeping an eye on Lily while I got my teeth cleaned (another area to avoid if possible: ALWAYS have a buddy to help out if you can when you have appointments!).  She and I are learning lots right now, but we're surviving and I haven't had any huge melt downs yet :) we are also starting a list of things we'd like to be different whenever the next one comes.

Anyway, Uncle Joel and Aunt Kimmy came to visit!  I really appreciated their help..Joel helped move things and unpack and Kimmy provided me a nice break by holding Lily so I could unpack TWO boxes instead of one in between feedings.  It was really great to see them and have some extra help with some odds and ends.
See that petrified look on Joel's face?  That's real.  He was quite terrified of breaking Lily, but that will go away with practice ;) and hearing Jesse explain the whole labor/delivery to them was kind of entertaining also.  I think he has officially made Joel glad that he is male and won't ever have to go through delivery..and I didn't quite get Kimmy's take on it, but I believe she was amused by Joel's reaction.

And now..I am going to finish my ice cream and go to bed :) hopefully I'll be back updating again soon!

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  1. What kind of ice cream? Really, you are doing a great job of being a mom, you are really challenging yourselves with the move and all, what is next on your list? Sending love to all, Aunt Patty