23 October 2010


Lily will be one month old tomorrow.  ugh.  Already?!?!  Even beyond the fact that she is already 4 weeks old, this past month has seriously flown bye.  Where did it go?  When will it slow down?  I mean, really..this is ridiculous!  I was trying to think about how just about a month ago, I was still pregnant and eagerly anticipating Lily's arrival.  And now she's here, and we so completely love her that it has hindered my memory of what life was like before she was born..and that's ok. 
October is already more then (than?  sorry, Mom, I can't remember..I think "then" is right?) halfway over.  On the 19th, Jesse "celebrated" his one year mark of working on this contract at the FBI center in WV.  Which means that October 12 was the date we left AZ.  Life sure changes fast, doesn't it?  A year ago today I was..again..unpacking a house haha I seem to do that a lot.  And, the first weekend in October, Jesse, Zeke and I took our first "family" trip and went camping at the Grand Canyon (and all three about turned into Popsicles on that adventure).  The 26th of this month will also mark Jesse and my 4th of year of being "officially" together-- only 4 years, but it seems so much longer (and in a good way).    

I'm clearly in a mood to reminisce..but a lot happened within this past year, and October is a big month for changing for Jesse and me apparently. 

Lily had her first bottle last night!
We introduced a bottle maybe a little early, but we're not planning on using it terribly often at this point..but she needs to get used to it for when we head to Findlay in a few weekends for Nikki and Rick's wedding and she stays with Grandma and Grandpa Pagano.  She took it like a champ (for a first time), and drank a whole ounce :) Jesse enjoyed feeding her, because he had recently mentioned he was kind of jealous of how much bonding time I got with her since I always got to be the one nursing her.  So, I think the daddy-daughter time will stick around and become a routine.  
ps- I'm really excited to go to Findlay in a few weeks!  Can't wait to show Lily my hometown (ok, really just George House..and Dietsch's) and for her to meet two of her great-grandparents! 


  1. 1) Than*
    2) Love the pumpkin picture. Way much.
    3) Yay for being in Findlay soon! :D

  2. Amber, u r so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I may have to start stalking ur blog cause this just made me smile big and feel warm all over! Miss u!

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  4. George House & Dietsch's are two of my favorite places in Findlay!!! =)

    Nathan & I are going for Thanksgiving, and I already told him that we have to go to George House at least once.