05 October 2010

I don't know what to call these now that I'm not counting to 40 weeks

Pardon the awkward title, but it's true.  But now that it's out of my system, I will try my best to come up with creative/exciting/pertinent titles for my posts. 

What can I tell you..learning how to be a parent is definitely a "sink or swim" situation  The learning curve is forgiving, but you certainly get tossed into it pretty quick without much time for practice!  And by "much time," I really mean "no time."  Fortunately, babies are pretty forgiving as long as you keep them cleaned, diapered and burped.

Jesse and I are doing pretty well I think.  My biggest stress has been about the whole moving thing and that dog of ours.  He's handled her like a champ, always ready to lick her face or tear apart a diaper, but it's just his boundless energy that stresses me out.  I haven't been able to take him on his long walks or to the doggy park to play, so it's been a little rough trying to keep him entertained and convince him to sleep all day (which would really be ideal, but sadly, we have a young puppy and not an old man).  The first week was a bit of a stress for me, just because I was super paranoid about being a good mom.  Jesse and Joel have both informed me that if crack addicts can be parents, I can certainly be a good parent.  That and all the ice cream that is in the house really helped.  And we have so much ice cream because during the pushing part of delivery, when Betsy and Jesse were trying to help with encouraging "just think of what you're doing this for!" and my response was "ice cream," Jesse felt that he definitely needed to have some in the house for me (such a good guy).

So far in our parenting endeavors, I've had a booger wiped on me; a doctors appointment that went really well; and Jesse got pooped on, which caused me endless entertainment.  Other than that..Lily is a sleeping champ (thank you, daughter) and nursing is going really well.

Currently, my parents are visiting and doing a fabulous job of snuggling with Lily and helping Jesse and me move.

And moving is going really well..and by that I mean we've actually made progress today!  So that makes me feel a toooooooooooon better.  I've been feeling great, so I must have regained my healing powers that I had lost during pregnancy, which makes everything so much better.  And also..since everyone agrees that she looks like Jesse..

She kinda looks like me now..(I'm the top picture, Jesse is the bottom)


  1. she does look like you more as a baby! it will be fun to see who she looks like more as she grows!

  2. So stinkin cute! She is an angel! How does it feel to be a mamma? I still cant believe your a mamma! I want to go visit you guys! So not realistic, but still a want. :) well Keep the blog posts and pictures coming! I cant wait to read the next one. :)