24 June 2013

Lily isms

Lily is absolutely cracking Jesse and me up, and I feel I haven't been able to adequately share the humor we see every day. As a result, I may try and just post some funny things she does and says to keep up and so I can look back in several years and remember.

The other day, we were driving to work and she was rambling on and on and finally, got really excited and said "Momma! Look at my sparkle!" I was confused, I knew her clothes didn't have any sparkles so I just said "that's nice" and continued driving. She was presistent and kept stumbling over her words, like she does with a new word she is trying to remember. She went with "sparkle," then tried "twinkle" and "sprinkle" and finally said "Momma! Right here! On my leg!" I looked back quickly and saw she was pointing to the freckle she discovered on her leg the other day. Sparkle, freckle...similar.

Jesse was driving with her another day (after a doctor appointment) and he told me their conversation went like this:
Jesse: did the doctor look at your belly?
Lily: no
Jesse: why?
Lily: Because.
Jesse: Because why?
Lily: NO! MY said because why!
I try really hard not to leave an answer at "because I said so" but I think that's what she was going for with her response to Jesse.

As she's jumping on the couch, minus the cushions: Mom! My am hoppin' everplace!

Another Jesse and Lily driving story. As they're passing a skunk that had been hit recently:
Lily: what's the smell?!
Jesse: that's a skunk.
Lily: stunks yucky! We gotta get outta here! Stunks are stiiiiiiiinky!
Please note that she refers to "skunks" as "stunks"

16 June 2013

oh, hello!

So, I am disappointed in myself to see that the last post I had was from our vacation to Boston.  At the beginning of May.  And not only was that the last time I posted, I had to look back to see what I covered AND had to pull up a calendar to see what's gone on between then and now.  Let me tell you. Quite. a. bit.  I'll hit the important stuff to try and catch up, but the last few weeks have been a lighting fast blur and I don't honestly think I can recall everything that has gone on. 

First, my grandfather passed away, somewhat unexpectedly.  My entire family took it incredibly hard, and I don't think that I can do him justice in trying to describe what an incredible man I had the honor of knowing for an all-too-short of time.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had such a wonderful and godly example to look up to and be loved by for my entire growing up, and also to have been so close to him.  Poppy died on Memorial Day, which turned the rest of the week into a whirlwind as we all tried to rearrange schedules and make plans to get back to Findlay for a visitation and memorial service.  Because Jesse had just started a new contract on Tuesday, he wasn't able to leave with the girls and me when we left for Findlay on Friday.  What a long drive, but I'm glad the girls and I were able to make it.  The visitation was hard, and I really didn't want to have to have the girls there, but they behaved wonderfully the entire time.  My family is relaxed and we all know Poppy would have loved to have the girls giggling in the middle of the visitation room and walking up to strangers for hugs and sharing snacks.  More family filtered in through the weekend for memorial service on Tuesday, and again, I think Poppy would have chuckled to watch Emma walk all over the sanctuary of the church, giggling and singing during the service.  Jess, Joel and I talked some of our favorite memories out and shared a few, but just for posterity, here are a few more of my absolute favorites:
1. I remember sitting on Poppy's lap when I was probably 4-5 and watching Peter Pan.  During the scene where Peter rescues TigerLily from Captain Hook in the cave, I remember laughing hysterically with Poppy during the whole scene.  I have no idea what was so funny.
2. Playing endless hours of Canasta and various other games.  Poppy was known as the Sheep Farmer in Settlers of Catan because he somehow always had an absurd number of sheep.
3. His (and Mama's) absolute interest in our activities.  I always appreciated the effort he made to come to soccer games, dance competitions and piano recitals, no matter how horribly we did.

I could go on, but I will leave it to that.  He left a lasting impression on me and those that knew him, and I am so thrilled that Lily got to know him some and Emma got to cuddle a bit before she got too wiggly.
Jess and I rarely get pictures together for some reason.  and when we do, we look awesome.
do you see all those books in the bed?  little goober pulled them all into the crib from the bookshelf and was so proud of herself.
Fort Findlay Park
Uncle Joel was intrigued by the scoops after Lily lost interest

fire pole with Aunt Kimmy
helping Great Aunt Lynn with her sherbet

cousins.  one day, my girls will look at the camera.
I laughed so hard when I saw this picture, I had no idea it was on my camera.  Sorry, Dad.  Happy Father's Day! ;)
Emma loving on cousins.

Second. The girls and I got home from our trip on Wednesday.  On Friday, Mom and I were talking and she said, "Mama and I can come visit if you're ok with us coming on SUNDAY."  Always up for company, I said YES!  So on Sunday, Mom and Mama made the hike to WV so Mama could come see our place, pet the chickens and collect some eggs.  As well as love on her great grand daughters and hyper-active grand puppy.  We had a good visit, not much to report, and they had to leave on Thursday. 
hazard of coloring with markers
playing cards with Gigi
learning to mend jeans
Something of note from this visit though: to open up some more space for sleeping, Jesse and I moved Emma's crib into Lily's room so that the girls could begin to share a room.  The first night was slightly miserable at bedtime, but both girls slept through the night and did GREAT.  We're still learning how to do bedtime and naptime, but Lily is a trooper and when Emma starts crying when I go to leave, calmly states that "Emma will calm down soon."  I went in to take care of Emma at 530 this morning and Lily hadn't even twitched from when Emma started crying to when I left.  I think she'll adjust well.  The only part I'm not sure about is that given the chance, Emma still wakes up early and Lily would rather sleep in.  So we've had a few tired kiddos, but the adjustment is going very well, happily for Jesse and me!

Third.  Zeke turned 4.  I forgot to take a picture.  Or celebrate.  Good thing he's a dog and probably won't care.

Fourth.  Emma. turned. 1.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 
My big girl had her first birthday yesterday and I think I'm still in denial that she's already one.  She's been walking for a few months now and recently started signing "please" and "more."  I'm not sure if she's actually trying to sign "dog" or just gets really excited when she sees Zeke...She's babbling a ton and trying to say a few words, like Momma, Dadda and Lily.  Granted, Lily couldn't say her own name until she was at least 2, so I think that Emma saying it is just optimistic thinking on my part.  She's a champ at stairs, climbing and is huge adventurer, which is kind of obnoxious since she is also a wimp and cries whenever she bumps ANYTHING.  She also loves to hide things, and Jesse and I are convinced she must be part raccoon because once she has something in her hands, she doesn't want to give it up.  Emma adores her older sister, and will follow her around like a little puppy dog.

look at that face
Lily is doing great as well.  Getting to be a bigger girl everyday, and we're having so much fun watching her grow up, learn, and love on Emma.  When we were in Findlay, I gave Lily a bowl of blueberries and asked her to share with Emma.  Instead of simply handing her one at a time or letting Emma grab her own handful, Lily patiently put her bowl down, took Emma's hands and said "more, Emma?" and had Emma make the "more" sign before picking up her bowl to hand a blueberry over.  Heart melting moment for me, for sure.  The other one I know I wanted to share was the other day, and she was tired and rambling.  We overheard her saying, "My am a big girl.  Emma is little.  Emma can't do eskimos (kisses), but we're working on it."  Hilarious.  Lily loves to announce that she's a "big girl" when she wants her own way, is easily counting to 15 and when she thinks no one is listening, will sing the ABCs in order (if we're listening or encouraging her, she says ABCDEFGJKLMQRSTUVdoubleYZ.  We enjoy that she says "double" instead of W.)
a bird built her nest right under the deck.  perfect for 2 year old observation because Lily couldn't touch it or bother it!
I'm so glad we're raising girls in the country.  Lily has already learned so much about animals and random country things that I just love.
Ok, that's enough for now, I think.