13 November 2011

carpe diem

For me to say I haven't felt like blogging has been an understatement: I REALLY haven't felt like it.  I've just been tired and lazy, even though I have time in the evenings.  So my apologies, I will give a quick synopsis on my last week or so.

We moved!  HOORAY!  NO more renting for us, we finally moved into our own home :) which means if you want my address, send me an email, text, call or message on Facebook.  And hopefully this week we will be getting our cell phone booster, so we should get cell service out here, but we have a landline regardless.  See above for ways to ask me for that number as well if you don't already have it.  We had told our landlady we would be out by last Monday, and the over-achievers we are got that rental house cleaned out and up by Sunday.  bam.  Big thanks to the H parents for helping out with that.  Of course we forgot to forward our mail to the new house, so we had to go back today to pick up whatever mail trickled through.
before we got our bed frame in the house, Lily decided to help unpack by climbing up onto the mattress and throwing everything onto the floor.
Our new house is obviously a mess.  We got carpet on Tuesday, and pretty much as soon as the installer people left, we set up Lily's room.  First of all, it was important because the poor kid hadn't been sleeping well at nights with all the changes and being in the pack 'n' play, so getting her space organized into something she recognized was a must.  And secondly, because we had rented up until now and we didn't want to paint a rental house, I finally got to decorate my kiddo's nursery :) which was super fun for me, even though I was a year later than most parents do it.  I love it and I think it's my favorite room in our house because we specifically went and picked out the furniture in her room, as opposed to piecing it together from craigslist, garage sales, hand me downs, etc.
Lily LOVES the decals that her great-grandparent's gave her, and I promise the colors look better in person and I didn't pick a pea green for my daughter's wall..
Living as far out as we do will take me some getting used to, but I love it.  No noise or light pollution, and if you go out on our porch, you can hear the little creek babbling across rocks.  Additionally, you can also hear the deer you spooked stamping the ground and snorting.  Note that I said "hear" not "see" because it is pitch black.  And even though you know they are just deer, and WV deer at that (aka tiny compared to Ohio deer), in your mind, they are the size of Clydesdales that are not friendly and that will pummel you into the ground if you don't have a flashlight to see them.

Jesse is loving it out here though, and has already gone squirrel hunting up in the trees.  And since he missed both them of them and was annoyed by this, he then went out into our meadow today to sight in his rifle.  While we were all out there (Lily was in the backpack, don't worry, not just running around while we had guns out), Zeke found a dead deer.  Fortunately, he's a pansy and naive about such things because he just wanted to sniff it and get close, but we wouldn't let him.  I know it's natural for dogs to eat meat, but no thank you, I don't need my dog getting into a fresh and nasty deer carcass.  I was afraid he'd found it before, but I figured if that'd been the case, not even a hurricane could get him away from it.  Needless to say, dog, Lily and I went back inside while Jesse did some shooting.
That's about it I guess..