11 September 2012

thankful tuesday/weekend update!

I'm thankful for:

1. my job!  I started back to work last week and I have to say that while it isn't what I thought I would be doing (or want to be doing), I am happy that I am doing it and for the almost 3 months of maternity leave!  BIG load of thanks to the girl that covered for me while I was cuddling my babies!

2. cooler temperatures.  Fall, please come soon.  

3. the return of energy!  Hallelujah.  I feel like I am getting lots done during the day and feel pretty good about myself as a result. 

4. weekends.

5. an easy transition to a big girl bed for Lily.

We went to Zanesville last weekend for a relaxing weekend.  And it was wonderful.  We were able to relax, spend time with my in-laws and they were able to spend some time with 2/3 of their grandgirls.  Jesse and I were originally going to try and go to Easton for a date but that ended up falling through.  We still "let" Mom and Dad H watch the girls for us (thanks!) and went out to eat in town.  When the server asked if we were celebrating anything, we smiled and said "an evening with grandparents watching the kids!"  I was bummed we didn't get any free dessert for that..

Everything is moving along just fine over here, nothing too exciting to report.  Emma is doing great and will be 3 months old in a few days.  Lily is doing equally awesome and will be 2 in 13 days.  Yikes.  The girls have check-up doctors appointments later this week, so I will be able to give more accurate updates on how they are doing as far as that is concerned.

Lily has really been great in the toddler bed.  Last week was kind of rough, with starting work again and still working on a big girl bed, and she took maybe one or two naps all week.  And those only lasted 30-45 minutes, as opposed to the typical 2-3 hour naps we are both used to.  She still has some quiet time, even if it's sitting in her bed playing.  I tend to put her down for a nap after we get home from work and then I will hear her up and playing or reading books.  One day last week I heard a lightsaber, so she found those under her bed apparently.  This morning when I went to get her up, she had 3 extra stuffed animals, all her Curious George books and a basket of odds and ends in bed with her.  No idea when those joined the party, because I would have sworn she only went to bed with baby, bear, Glow-worm and her blanket in the bed.  Oh well!  She is doing great and if we're mostly done with naps, she is typically fine and goes to bed earlier on those days.  We haven't gotten any middle of the night visits either, though she will occasionally wake up an hour or two after we put her down and cries for a minute.  I'm not always positive she knows she can get out of the bed by herself.  And we are just fine with that!

Emma seems to be more and more aware of the world now.  Not like she has any idea what's going on of course, but she is more content to stay on her stomach for tummy time when she can watch Lily run around or watch the kids at the Y play.  She's sleeping decently well through the night, some nights are better than others, but she typically gets up twice still, which is fine with me.  Lily slept through the night early, but then stopped when she got RSV at 5 months and didn't sleep through the night (for me) again until after she was one.  So I'm secretly hoping that if Emma takes longer to sleep through the night, it'll stick.  Don't tell me if I'm being naive.  I'd rather not know. 

That's about it for here!

playing with pennies with Great Grandpa Brennan
meeting his youngest (until November!!) grandchild.
helping pick tomatoes
some tummy time in the grass
Daddy was showing Lily some sort of firecracker something or other.  it exploded and she loved it.  true Hildebrand.  Jesse was proud.