26 April 2014

Lily isms 18

Trying to convince Jesse to stay home from work today:
"But there are no toys at work!"

Me: I'm not sure what this boo-boo is from.
Lily: but you know everything about boo-boos!

Lily: Momma, I have a problem!
Me: what's your problem?
Lily : Emma!
Me: what's she doing?
Lily: she's sticking the duck in the toilet!

"Daddy, you're a big sangwhich!"

Lily: I want cheese!
Me: ...cheese doesn't go on waffles.
Lily: no! I just want cheese on my plate! That's why I was talking to you about cheese.

"Eat your deer, Emma, it's all shotted."

"Oh my goodness, Momma."

At Grandma and Grandpa's house, Lily saw a crack in the slide:
"Grandpa, you just need to glue it."

"Oh nuts."

"Emma, don't break my doctor things glasses or I will be very sad and Momma will have to calm me down."

"Let's ride in the super duper cool cart!"

24 April 2014

Easter Weekend

First, please note I have updated my picture.  And quickly picked a new background.  And since I have a squirmy almost-2-year-old on my lap, the background and style are subject to change.  The picture isn't, because it's currently my absolute favorite.
Second, a note to family: I will be emailing everyone the pictures we took.  But again, I have a squirmy almost-2-year-old on my lap.  That will have to wait until nap time.

Now, onto business.

In typical Pagano Family fashion, Easter weekend was jam packed and lots of fun.

My mom and I took the opportunity of friends coming home for the weekend, as well as family being in town, to have a baby shower for Jess.  It worked out so much better than trying to coordinate schedules to get all the important people there before Jessica's due date!  We had a wonderful house full of friends and family show up for our brunch on Saturday, several of whom we hadn't seen in WAAAAAY too long.  Ok, most we haven't seen in way too long.  I had so much fun catching up with them, as well as celebrating my nephew.

obviously, my girls dove right into helping Aunt Jess unwrap presents..
The rest of the weekend went way too fast, but we had a wonderful time with family.  There was a bit of wind on Saturday, and so my dad and Aunt Kathy attempted to get a kite up for Lily.  I don't know that there was ever a successful flight, but the next day when Lily saw a breeze, she said, "POPPO!  We can go fly kites, look at the trees, there's wind!"  And I was so impressed she knew to look at the trees to see if it was windy or not.
 Additionally, Aunt Lynn made some awesome Easter eggs and baskets for our annual hunt.  I don't think Kimmy got knocked down this year, but once Lily and Emma figured out what was going on, they quickly won.

 Joel, of course, won the award for finding the best stuffed animal and making such a great face.
Emma needed Aunt Jess to hold all her loot.  
and Lily enlisted Aunt Kathy's help.
Kaylee on Easter Sunday
This picture of Kaylee reminded me of this one of Lily..
that was a side note, sorry, I got distracted.
Moving on.
Annual Family Picture.
Gigi and her youngest grandchild, but only for a few more months.
And then it was time to leave.  Ugh.  We never like leaving.  And since Zanesville is a little more/less than half way on the Findlay to Salem route, we stopped in to crash the Hildebrand party going on there.  We got to spend a little time playing with our niece, Koleen, and she and the girls talked Grandpa into opening the slide.
Because it's silly to go down the slide, apparently. 

Unfortunately, it was all over too soon.  We love spending time with our families, and are blessed to have them close enough for weekend visits.

Otherwise, we're doing great.  I can't think of any other stories to share, but everyone is doing well.  Kaylee has an appointment later this week, so I'll be able to report how big she is getting then, but I can definitely tell you she is bigger than her sisters were at this point.  Not shocking since she was the biggest baby, but still.  She is still my easiest baby and the best sleeper.  Her grumpy days are nothing compared to Emma's or Lily's, but I may  just not remember accurately.  Or be taking into account how bad of a first time mom I was and how clueless I still was the second time around. 

Emma cracks me up.  That kid.  She is looking more and more like me every time I look at her, and starting to probably act like me, also.  Woohoo.  Her current favorite thing to do is sing "Happy Birthday," which comes out more along the lines of "happy day, you."  Which makes me so happy.  She just randomly will bust that out as loudly as she can.  Emma is also officially in all of Lily's hand me downs from just last summer.  WHY ARE MY GIRLS GROWING UP SO QUICKLY????!

Lily is my favorite big girl ever.  I can't believe how grown up she is.  She is still trying to recover from the weekend, so we've had a few out of character tantrums and bad attitudes, but she's doing great.  The other night, I was listening to the girls talk before they fell asleep, and I heard her say, "L, I, L, Y.  That spells Lily!"  What!?  She also informed Jesse he needs to take her to the violin store so he can buy her a violin for her to play.

Jesse and I are doing well, trying to clean and purge and organize.  He will be adding to our garden soon, and we will get to plant before too long, which makes us both excited.  I was planning on mowing the grass today, but it's too cold for those endeavors today, so that'll have to wait.  We are very ready for more days outside enjoying the weather!

10 April 2014

Lily isms 17

"My cough-es makes my mouth hurt."

"My fingers are lost!"

"I like going to Grandma and Grandpa's! They have treats!"


Going to the grocery, the cart we picked was a little wet.
Me: I'm sorry your bottom will get wet Lily.
Lily: oh, don't worry about it.

Lily was patting Jesse on the head:
"Oh I missed you boy."

Lily: Momma, I have the goose bump-es. How do we get rid of the goose bump-es?
Me: well, we don't really get rid of them, we just need to warm you up to get rid of them.
Lily: oh, ok. I get goose bump-es when I poop.

"You're my best brother, Emma."

"Actually, broccoli is a tree. Can I eat all the tree leaf-es and not the tree bottom?"

"There was a chocolate chip on my coat! Chocolate chips are funny."

Playing with a stuffed Ariel:
"Her whale tale can do anything!"

03 April 2014

halleluijah sunshine!

Tuesday was the perfect day.  Well, ok, not really.  There were still arguments between Lily and Emma, I still had to use my "I'm being serious!" Mom Voice, and I still didn't finish an entire cup of coffee before it got cold.  But it was fantastic anyway.

I think most of my friends may have been in the same boat as we were and got to experience the first really gorgeous springy days this week.  And to celebrate, we have had the windows open, laundry hanging on the clothes line, went to the park after naptime on Tuesday and got Chinese for dinner.  Happy hearts, happy tummies.

The girls and I went to the park to enjoy the 70° and sunshine and we definitely weren't the only ones with this brilliant idea.  Turn the screens and devices off, it's been a long winter!  T-shirts and tennis shoes it was, and after I got Kaylee in a front pack, Lily and Emma were off.  After she found out she could go down the "big spinny" slide solo, that was enough to keep Lily occupied: she'd run up the steps and wait patiently in line for her turn and then repeat.  She was confused why other kids would get to the top and just stop, so I got to explain the importance of waiting in line and saying "excuse me."  Emma just really walked around, playing here and there but really just exploring.  Kaylee and I got lots of comments, including "look at that hair!" about 3000 times and one nice lady asked if all three were mine, followed by, "where did that dark hair come from?"  Do people who ask things like that really want me to explain genetics or are they just surprised and talking out loud?

After the park, we had to run to the store for milk, and I wish I'd been able to get a picture of us, because we were awesome.  The store we went to had one of those awesome shopping carts my girls love, and was a race car.  Instead of making either walk after all the playing, we opted for that where they could both ride.  And since I only needed one thing, I didn't put Kaylee in a front pack and just hauled the infant carrier in.  Which didn't fit in the cart.  So I ended up pushing the cart with one hand and carrying a baby seat hooked over my elbow.  We were so cool, but everyone was happy, so it was worth it.  

And then a quick stop for Chinese before heading home!  Somewhere early in his college career, Jesse decided gorgeous spring days warranted Chinese take out, so that was his dinner request last night.

It was a fun day.  And the girls went to bed early after baths and slept great, including Kaylee.

Overall, everyone is doing great.  All three girls and I have had and are still fighting through colds, to varying degrees.  Mine may be developing into allergies a bit.  Emma also had her first experience with a minor UTI, which was absolute misery until we realized what was going on, but after a quick round of antibiotics, she's back in action.  We also have been working on potty training her, which is more of an adventure than with Lily.  No surprise.  When Lily was really ready, she potty trained in a weekend.  We of course didn't know what we were doing and had been trying for several months, but when she was ready, it was easy.  Emma seems to have caught on much quicker, but doesn't let me know when she has to go.  Instead, her method seems to be starting to go in diaper or panties, realizing what's going on, ripping the diaper off and running for the bathroom.  And really, we have a hard time keeping her diapered now since she's learned how to take them off..which may have either entertained or horrified Uncle Joel and Aunt Kimmy on their visit this past weekend, I'm not really sure.
And one more quick Emma story that just happened: we have an Aquadoodle mat that we bought Lily for her 2nd birthday.  Lily wanted to play with it this morning, so we got it all set up.  Emma wanted her own little tub of water, but figuring she'd make a mess, I said no and that she could share with Lily.  Little goober went and got her own container and dipped it in Zeke's water bowl to take care of that problem.  Clever girl.

Kaylee is continuing to be my easiest baby.  She's awake a lot more now, but is content to sit in the bouncy chair or swing.  A typical night has been up twice, but the other night, she was in bed around 730 and I didn't hear a peep out of her until 5ish.  I'm a huge, huge fan of that, and I'd have enjoyed it so much more if I'd gone to bed at my normal time and not late haha
*disclaimer, "late" for me is 11..*

Lily is doing great.  She's such a big girl and that just blows me away.  When did that happen?  Before we had Kaylee, Lily had been having Quiet Room Time in that room while Emma would nap in their shared room and Jesse and I were a little nervous about how we'd handle QRT with napping going on elsewhere.  Part of the draw and importance of Lily having QRT is that I get quiet time, too, and any mom will know this benefit.  Turns out, since we've actually been successful in making sure Kaylee can sleep through noise- epic failure with this attempt the first two times- Lily can have QRT in Kaylee's room while Kaylee sleeps. awesome.  Mostly because everyone is in quiet time of some sort, but Lily loves to help with Kaylee.  I went in to check on Kaylee when she was crying yesterday, and Lily had climbed up on the side of the crib and was trying to calm Kaylee down and give her pacifier back.  Absolute cutest.  She has such a sweet and caring heart.  That can pitch an absolute tantrum in a split second..ah, toddlers.  

I guess that's mostly it.  We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hildebrand the other weekend, and as it was our first longer venture, and overnight out with Kaylee and as a family of 5, I'd say it was a success.  Plus, it was fun for us all and relaxing.  I even got to take a nap at one point, what??!  

Needless to say, we're all looking forward to the warmer weather and sunshine.  The girls may need more naps, to their disappointment, but letting them play outside and expend energy and coming in smelling like the great outdoors is fantastic and worth the effort it takes to do anything with three little girls.