30 July 2016

Lily/Emma/Kaylee isms 40

Lily: is it a surprise!?  YES, I guessed it right!

Emma: at my wedding, will they throw roses at me?
Me: yes, if you want them to.
Emma: how will they know I want them to?
Me: you can have someone hand out flowers.
Lily: oh!  You can have a little helper!
Emma: yes, I'm going to have Poppo be my little helper.

Lily: Mom, your braid is out of this world.

Me: did you look for a slide?
Jesse: oh, no, I'll go do that now.
Emma: CAN I HELP!?  Let's split up!  I'll look over here...
Jesse: oh, I was just going to look online...

Emma: let's keep our eyes peeled wide open like a banana.

Emma: wouldn't it be fun if we had one of those things that people ding on so we know when someone's here?
Me: a doorbell?
Emma: yes, let's get a dinger so people can ding it.

Lily: listen to the queen of Africa!

Lily: Alexa (note: the Amazon Echo)!!  Tell me a joke!
Alexa: why did the gum cross the road?  Because it was stuck to the chicken's foot.
Emma: ...ew.  That's disgusting.

Kaylee: Momma, wipe my face careful, I fragile.

Jesse: still in the dark, Dad?
Dad Hildebrand: yep!
Emma: I'll turn on the light for you, Grandpa!

Lily: Mom, you're 29?
Me: yes.
Lily: and soon you'll be 30.  And then you'll be really old.

(Lily falls off a chair)
Me: are you ok?
Lily: yes, you know I fall a lot.

Lily: well, if I'm Violet, Emma is Dash, Kaylee is JackJack, you can be Elastagirl and Dad can be Mr. Incredible.  But we'll call him Bob.