26 October 2010

Happy 4 Years!!

Four years ago today, Jesse had successfully received permission from my parents for the two of us to start dating, and had asked me to be his girlfriend.  It doesn't seem like very long when I look at the number, but really, it seems like so much longer because of all the adventures and things we've been on and through together.

I think part of the reason Jesse was nervous to ask my parents if we could date and then to ask me out is because he knew my stance on dating: I didn't see it as something to do "just for fun," but rather a time to get to know each other and each others families with the future goal of marriage.  Jesse understood this to mean that if he asked me out, he better marry me or else.  Not quite the case, but it got the right idea in his mind I guess, I like how things turned out, so okay :)

In the 4 years that we've "officially" been together ("official" meaning we put a label on our relationship),  we got engaged and then married (obviously); moved 4 times; been to 17 (I think?  #18 is coming next summer) states together; flown thousands of miles across the country and back; got a dog, had countless numbers of fish (and at one point, had 4 fish tanks set up in our one bedroom apartment..dumb); and most recently, had a baby :) and a whole ton of other stuff..

New Years Eve '05/'06, Times Square, NY
Jr/Sr Banquet, MVNU '07

Wedding day! 12/29/07
Random AZ hiking, '08

Ridiculous '09

New Years '09/'10, Philadelphia, PA

We've been busy and learned a lot :) I'm looking forward to the adventures we have in store..especially the new one of learning how to be parents.  Speaking of being parents..

Lily did NOT enjoy this..but she sure is cute anyway :) Thanks for the pictures, Betsy.  

That's it for now!  Back to the unpacking.. *groan*


  1. Haha she doesn't look like she liked it at all ... then again my cats didn't really like it either .... I think it would be fun to be inside a pumpkin!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! What a difference 4 years makes!!
    & that is the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen! I can't believe she's a month old already either!