10 December 2016

five minute car seat blanket

Guys, this took me 5 minutes. 

Not even that, because I went super low tech, and didn't hem this at all.  But my model was heading to bed, and my sewing machine is neatly put away.  So here you have the no-sew car seat blanket, which I'm sure is on Pinterest already, but you know that rabbit hole: if I'd gone there to look, it would have taken me multiple hours of researching and prep, and getting majorly sidetracked on other projects for a brilliant Pinterest fail.  

Five minutes.  Half of that was probably taking the pictures. 

I got the cheapest fleece blanket from Walmart.  The kind I buy and give my dog.

Put it in the carseat, and marked the straps, which you can see in black sharpie. 

Cut across the buckle, and connected the dots.  I honestly will probably go back and stitch the tops and bottoms of these cuts at least so that it doesn't rip more.  You could easily hand stitch this if you're allergic to a sewing machine or don't have one.  Or use a stapler, I guess...

Put the kiddo in said blanket.

And then buckle and go.

Kaylee is also modeling her pajama style, which include a dress up skirt over her jam pants.

Jesse thinks we should just leave these in the car, but my objective behind these is that I don't always get the car warmed up before it's time to go places in the winter, and they'd be as cold as the car if we left them outside, ready to go.  I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, but what are 3 more blankets laying around the house and piled to take with us?

Again, I'm sure there are way better and much cooler car seat blankets you can make on Pinterest.  Or if you know a super crafty person.  This is my (less than) 5 minute model, and Kaylee was ready to go try it out immediately, so I think she's on board with it.

01 December 2016

Lily/Emma/Kaylee 42

Emma: thanks, Kaylee!
Kaylee: you're welcome, babe!

Kaylee: where is the walking feet Ariel?
(meaning the Ariel with legs vs a mermaid tail)

Kaylee walked into the kitchen,
"I'm not saying anything, I just need a towel for a mess.."

Emma: MOMMA! When I yell, there's a gecko!

Emma: I know what a Boxer is.  It's a dog you put in a box and send to someone else.

Jesse whispered to Lily and Emma:
Emma: ok, but Mom, don't look out the fire pit window, it's a surprise!

Emma held something out on her finger:
"Look it's an opening seed!"
Me: a sesame seed?

Emma: that's not funny, and I know funny!

Lily: let's get a princess cat that sparkles!
Emma: no, let's get a GOLDEN cat!
Lily: uh, gold cats aren't real.

Emma: can I have some M and Emmas?

Emma: MOM.  Aunt Shasta and Aunt Jess rhyme because they both have the "aunt" sound in it!

Kaylee: I love this show, crackle nuts.
(the Nutcracker)

I was doing a spelling lesson with Lily.
Me: spell, "cob."
Kaylee: HEY!  Like cob on the corn!

a baby doll fell out of the toy high chair:
Kaylee: oh, it's ok, she didn't die, she just fell.