29 January 2014

Lily isms 14

Really, little fits and is comfortable right now.  The other day, my shirt and undershirt kept riding up and my pants were riding down.  All day, Lily kept following me around, pulling my shirt down for me and saying "Momma, pull your britches up!".

Emma was looking through a book and she came to a woodpecker. I asked what sound a woodepecker makes, and Lily comes up with "it knocks on wood and breaks stuff!"

The girls are coloring with markers on the table:
Lily: ok, what color do you want next? Pink? Ok!
Emma: thank you! (not quite so clear)
Lily: oh Emma, color on the paper and I will be so proud!
Emma: done!
Lily: good job, Emma! Red? Ok, here you go! Do you want this one?
Emma: yeah! *reaches for a green marker*
Lily: ok! Green means go, red means stop! *calls to me* Momma! Emma is doing a great job with these markers!
-a few minutes later when I went to check on them-
Lily: I told Emma not to use these markers because she was nervousin' me.

Lily was watching Mickey Mouse on a tablet:
"I've been watching this one for 100 years."

Jesse and Lily had two great talks about the baby today. She has pretty well grasped we have to go somewhere special to "get the baby."
The first:
Lily: when Momma goes to get the baby, Daddy can stay home with me.
Daddy: oh, ok what will we do?
Lily: we will play and have so much fun.

The second:
Daddy: Where will we go get Momma's baby?
Lily: The Y has lots of babies.
Daddy: Oh, so we just will take one of those?
Lily: No, those aren't Momma's baby. We will look at the store. But we won't buy the baby.
Daddy: Oh. How does that work?
Lily: Well, we'll just look around.
Daddy: Where might the baby be?
Lily: Uhm, probably under the apples!
-- I wish I could have recorded the whole conversation, but this went on for 15 minutes about getting the baby and where we'd go to find it.


28 January 2014

T-7 days

What, blogging more than once a month?  Try and contain your excitement.

I just wanted to record for posterity and me in the future that I think we can now say we are as ready as we are going to be for baby to come.  With 8 days to spare.

This weekend was incredibly snowy and relaxing, so we finally got the swing down from the attic and I started assembling a diaper bag that's big enough to accommodate baby diapers, Emma diapers, snacks for the big girls, water bottle for me, sippy cups, extra outfits for a newborn, nursing cover and all the other essentials in a newborn + 20 month in diapers + 3 year old diaper bag.  And guess what, it isn't a suitcase!  I will miss being able to carry around a cute bag or purse with just a pack of wipes and a spare diaper or two, but with three kids, 3 and under, cute and small don't go together immediately in my mind.  Maybe for supermoms, but that title will take some easing into over here.  So when I get my act together enough to use smaller bags again, someone please notice and give me a high five.  Or a cookie.

With our latest journey into the attic, I found most of the random baby paraphanalia we were missing, except I can't seem to find the infant car seat neck support?  But we got everything washed, dried and organized, so success!  Most likely we are still not as prepared for a newborn as I'm daydreaming, but we're closer.

I was also incredibly paranoid all weekend I'd go into labor.  Not that I felt like it or was having contractions more than normal or anything, but because we got so much snow, neither of us really wanted to have to venture out to the hospital!  I know other states will laugh at us, but we got a good amount (does anybody know what the finally inch count was?  Our deck looks like at least 14") and I'm glad we could stay home!  Silly us didn't buy snowmobiles, so one AWD car has been an adventure.

This past weekend also brought on the discomfort.  My back hurts to do anything, so I know this kid has to be low and getting ready to make an appearance.  It takes me forever to get anywhere because walking hurts and if I'm sitting, don't ask me to get up for at least 20 minutes.  It took me forever to walk down to take our chickens water yesterday because the snow is still deep, and I just can't move quickly.  The girls are taking advantage of that bit.  I have slept horribly all weekend and since, but life goes on and I feel ok today.
Daddy was a fire truck. complete with sirens.
Yesterday, I figured I would go ahead and clear a spot and get the bassinet set up in our room.  Turns out, the two spots we had discussed didn't work so what should have been a 10 minute event turned into an all morning and part of the afternoon rearrange of the bedroom.  I only moved my dresser and our hope chest (a few times), but that was plenty heavy and I made due with what I could and moving as little as possible.  And Jesse and I both like it, so maybe it'll be a more permanent change!  And clearly, that didn't bring on labor, so settle down everyone who got excited that I was moving furniture.

But that's really it from here for now.  I have an appointment in a little bit, so we'll see if there is any indication of baby soon.  Also, I was too lazy to blog from my computer, so you'll just have to deal with poor formatting and bad pictures from my phone.
little inseparable cuties


23 January 2014

T- 11 days

Well, this is the third time I've tried to blog.  I had two, incredibly funny, witty and insightful posts that somehow didn't save and got deleted before I could hit "publish," so all that humor is gone and you're stuck with whatever we get today.  Ok, honestly they probably weren't anything special, I just hope I remember everything I wanted to say.  And that this saves and I can successfully post!
last pic of two cribs in the girls' room.
We have had the girls in their very own, brand new bunk beds for almost a week now, and after the first night, the transition has been smooth and the girls are big fans.  Lily wasn't sure about the top bunk while we were assembling the beds and kept crying that she'd fall off.  We definitely didn't want to force her to sleep somewhere she wasn't comfortable, so we left her toddler bed together in the corner as a back up plan.  At least ONE of the girls had to cooperate as we needed a crib for their little sibling.  By the time Jesse had the railing and ladder on, as well as her new Minnie Mouse bedding, Lily was excited for the top bunk and she has been a sleeping champ up there.  As we moved Emma from a confined crib to an open twin bed, she sensed the freedom and took off with it the first night.  It took two hours at least- I claimed 3, and I think my opinion may have more weight since I was the one trying to put her down (kidding)- but after tons of exploring, climbing in and out of bed, playing, reading, singing, throwing everything put of bed and me trying to lay down with her, she finally passed out and has really done very well.  We can hear her in and out of bed, playing some, before finally crawling into bed for naps and bedtime, but overall, I'm thrilled.  I AM looking forward to being able to change the sheets on the top bunk a little easier.  I know it won't ever be "easy," let's be honest, it's a pain to change the sheets and make a top bunk, but anything has to be easier than trying to climb around at 9 months pregnant.  Seriously.
checking things out
pretty proud she climbed up all by herself
After we got the girls room situated, I've been focusing on actually preparing a place for a baby, and I'm pleased to announce that we now have a crib and room set up for a baby, and I had it done with 15 days to spare.

Getting the girls transitioned to bunks is a huge load off my mind, and poor Jesse finally isn't being pestered daily about it.  I've been "nesting" for a few weeks, trying to get and keep the house in some sort of clean order, and now that the baby room is ready, I feel I'm really kicking getting everything else ready into a high gear.  I have things packed and organized, and finally this morning, packed a hospital bag for me.  That's one of those last minute things that I didn't want to do TOO soon because I wanted to pack my most comfortable and favorite sweats, and I still want to to wear them here!   But I gave it up and just threw some clothes in a bag and done!  Physically, I feel very ready to be done with pregnancy.  My back hurts and makes it hard for me to do much; I can barely walk (because of my back and the fact I waddle more than a duck); I struggle to get up from sitting or move at all in bed; and, icing on the cake, even my maternity shirts aren't fitting.  You KNOW you're huge when that happens.  I have a neighbor who has been encouraging me that I was still bigger when I was pregnant with Emma, and optimistically telling me I'd have a smaller than Emma baby.  I tried to believe her, but remembered how fast I just got huge at the end with Emma.  My supportive neighbor told me the other day that well, maybe she was wrong.  Rats.  Jesse is betting on a 10+ pound baby, so she was my last hope.  On the plus side to all this, I'm really not that uncomfortable.  I hurt, yes, but I can still get and stay fairly comfortable and haven't hit the "I'M DONE AND OVER THIS!" part.
A few funny things about the whole struggle to get up thing, though: Lily really wanted me to sit on the floor with her to play puzzles the other day and I sure had a great time trying to stand up from sitting Indian style on the floor!  And then I took the girls out to play in the snow and the ever supportive and silly husband I have yelled out the window that I should make a snow angel.  Without a second thought, I flopped down and as soon as I was laying down yelled (playfully!  Not even remotely serious!), "that was so mean and I hate you!!"  Hadn't thought about having to get back up from a completely flat position, bundled up, and without ruining the snow angel the girls were waiting to see.  It wasn't pretty, but I managed.  And we all had some laughs after that.  One more story in the "I'm huge" category: Lily and I were having cereal one afternoon as a snack, and she came to where I was sitting on the couch and said "my cereal won't stay on my tummy."  I don't always understand what she means by the things she says, so I just told her that was ok and continued about my business.  A few minutes later, she came and sat down next to me, and tried to put her bowl of cereal on top of her tummy like I'd unconsciously done and said, "see?  It won't stay on my tummy!"  I lost it and had a great laugh over that.  I have a shelf to hold my bowls, so why not use it?  I didn't even realize I was doing it until Lily started trying to copy me.  Hilarious kid. 

Other than all that, we're all doing well.  The girls are doing great, and I'm trying to love on and cuddle them both as much as I can right now.  We've been reading a ton of books, as cuddling and sitting in a huge chair is much easier than playing in other forms right now.  Emma has been extra cuddly, and while I love it, she sure is getting heavy and it just hurts to carry her and I can't for long periods of time.  I wonder if she understands what's coming, has some sort of sense that something is going to change or just has been extra clingy.  Time will tell!

18 January 2014

Lily isms 13

My phone was set on vibrate and someone sent me a text.
"Hey, what's going on here?!"

"We're not crazy or anything."

Me: and you threw a big fit.
Lily: yes, and then you came scuttling over here.

We were painting nails:
"Purple is my favorite, but I'm just doing pink this time."

"Momma, I think Emma wants you to read a story to me."

As I'm working on a sewing project, Lily sees the pincushion:
"Oh, I can help with those guys! I'm a really good putter inner with those guys! I do good jobs."

A package from Amazon arrived and Lily pulled out the bubble wrap (and only the bubble wrap):
"OH, I LOVE IT!!!!!"

"Jump backwards, jump 4 wheelers!"
Translation: jump backwards, jump forwards.

Lily: why are we having tomatoes?
Me: these are PO-tatoes.
Lily: oh ok, why are we having PO-tomatoes?

I heard mumbling coming from the bathroom:
Me: what's up, Lily? Do you need me?
Lily: no, I'm just talking to myself!

10 January 2014


Well, we've somehow made it all the way to the year 2014, and I've been a terrible blogger.  I really would like to do better than a once a month post...but that just seems to be how it is right now.

About mid-December, Jesse's company had their Christmas party, so Grandma and Grandpa H came to play with the girls and tuck them in for us so that Jesse and I could have a relaxing and fun evening.  Which we did.  And the girls seemed to have a blast, from the grandparent and 3 year old report.  Jesse and I were a little caught off guard when we were ready to walk out the door and Lily burst into tears: we weren't expecting that from her.  But it all made sense when she begged us to take her and that she would also wear a fancy dress like I was wearing, and if we'd wait, she'd go get dressed.  That about broke my heart, and it was possibly the most precious thing in the history of things.  I felt terrible that we couldn't take her after that, but let's be honest, parent's need nights out, too!

The following weekend, the girls favorite twins came to visit (and their parents), and we got to spend a long weekend visiting with Rick, Nikki, Bri and Noah.  Lily struggled that they were up and walking everywhere, and kept wanting them to just sit on her lap, but we all had a great time.  Kids change so quickly, so it was a blast to see them and to catch up with Rick and Nikki.  We always try and sneak some sort of game into our visits, and as usual, lots of laughs were had.
constructing our annual gingerbread houses

Christmas finally came and went quickly, but I had so much fun.  The anticipation was definitely more for me than the girls and maybe even Jesse this year.  I was successful in keeping Jesse's presents a secret from him until Christmas morning (a first for me), and we got our first taste of building a present Christmas Eve night.  When the girls finally woke up, they ran out to see all the presents under the tree and were completely surprised.  I tried to take pictures, but paper was flying so fast I just couldn't do that AND enjoy Emma and Lily's reactions.  After presents, we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cleaned up, and I got to work on my first Christmas meal.  Everything was delicious and turned out great except for the gravy, so overall, it was a success as far as I was concerned.  One pie had great flavor but the wrong consistency and the other, Jesse raved about and said to replicate whenever he asked for pie.  It was a great day and I absolutely loved spending it at home with our little family.  I don't have pictures of it, but we did Skype in to the Pagano gift exchange to say hello and watch Dad and Jess open the presents we sent them, and I can honestly say my sister can pull off a Chewbacca bathrobe, and Dad looked pretty spiffy in a Stormtrooper one!

first discovery of their new kitchen

Emma loved helping me wash dishes and cook
she spent the rest of her time sitting on her new caterpillar and eating
New Years was spent quietly at home, and we actually did stay up to greet the New Year.  And by that, I mean I noticed the time and said, hey it's midnight!  Jesse gave me a high five and he went back to his game and I went back to my movie and crocheting.
Party. Animals.
The girls are doing fine.  Lily has finally started to grasp talking on the phone, which is highly entertaining for us, and the moment both sets of grandparents have been waiting for.  Our phones have an intercom function, and I use it occasionally when Jesse is outside in the garage or in the basement and I need something, so I've started having Lily pass my messages onto him.  As soon as she puts the phone to her ear, she starts yelling, "HELLO?!  DADDY??" even if he hasn't picked up yet.  One of the results of this is an even bigger imagination when she picks up a play phone, and her conversations are becoming more detailed.  She also has started asking when we can go see Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi and Poppo.  Our normal response has been "after the baby comes, we'll go see everyone," and the other morning, she woke up and announced "we already have a baby!  Emma!  Can we go see Grandma and Grandpa today?"
She's only 3.  How am I going to keep up with this kid?  She's a quick one.
 Emma is becoming more of a big girl every day, and less and less baby-ish.  Even with her tantrums.  Her vocabulary is finally expanding (mostly to other farm animals), but the other day when I was getting the girls dressed, Lily asked some question about Daddy and my response was, "oh that guy, he's so silly."  And Emma pipes up with "that guy."
 Beyond that, we're just trying to prep for the arrival of a new baby!  I had a slight panicked moment when I realized how close we were to being done and how unprepared I am, but we're getting there, and this baby isn't coming until the due date, so there's time.  We're ordering two mattresses for the bunk beds soon and will hopefully be able to smoothly transition everyone to bunks so baby 3 will have a crib.
I'm feeling pretty good, just tired and sore.  My last appointment was canceled due to weather, but I think everything is just fine.  I personally think baby is dropping or has dropped, because my lower back and hips have started bothering me.  As previously stated though, baby isn't coming until the 3rd, so you have until then to make your gender predictions.  I wouldn't say I'm "uncomfortable," but I have woken up incredibly stiff the past few mornings, I can't sit in my favorite Red Chair because it hurts and takes too much effort to get out of it, and I'm pretty sure I've started to waddle if I don't pay attention to my stride.  Which is fantastic and amusing.  My jackets and coats are starting to get pretty snug, which is a first for me since I had both girls in the heat of summer.
But that's about it, I think!  Hopefully back with more pictures of a big girl bedroom and nursery set up and ready for a baby!

03 January 2014

Lily isms 12

As she is gasping for breath in between giggles:
"Momma! We are having so much fun!!!!"

We rarely have too many opinionated issues with getting dressed in the morning, but we did today. Lily wanted to wear a sundress and didn't want to wear the long sleeved shirts I offered to stay warm, so she had to pick something else to wear. I handed her a few options, and still set on the sundress, she looked at my options with tears in her eyes and said, "well, those don't quite match!"
Ps, they did.

When the girls wake up in the morning, typically they start yelling for me. I was in the kitchen, so Jesse overheard this:
Lily: MOMMMMMMMMAAAA!!!!! Ok, Emma, your turn.
Emma: Momma
Lily: no, you need to be louder!

The girls and I had to drive Jesse to work this morning, and Lily was concerned that her juice cup wasn't fitting in her cup holder:
Me: Lily, just set your cup next to you.
Lily: but it's driving me nuts!

I made tea with a bit of honey for a sore throat and cough I have. Lily asked if she could have some, too, after I told her it was for my sore throat. After she finished her cup, she said:
"May I please have some more tea with honey? My froap still hurts."

I've known I'm in trouble with these two girls, but it was confirmed today, again:
Emma found a roll of Lifesavers, and instead of bringing them to me, I watched her take them to Lily for Lily to open for them both. Fortunately, Lily asked first and when I said yes, she told Emma, "don't worry, Emma, I'm a GREAT opener."

"Silly me!"

Lily: Momma! That sounds like Emma! She's done with her nap!
Me: ok, we'll get get her in a minute.
Lily: ok, I will open the door and then we will say "hello Emma!"

As a friend was pushing her in the stroller,
"Be very careful with me!"

On the way home today, Lily and I were talking about the baby. After asking if we could name her little brother or sister "Ryker" (yes, your Ryker, Robin), we had this:
Lily: can I hold the baby?
Me: yes, of course you can.
Lily: if Ryker is crying, can I rock him?
Me: yes, that would be helpful.
Lily: and I can put her to sleep? And carry her? And make her feel better?
Me: yes, of course.
Lily: I can walk with him? Carefully? And hold him like this? *pretends to hold a baby* and like this? *again*
Me: absolutely, we will teach you how to carefully walk and hold the baby.
Lily: *giggles* can I drop him?
...back to square one.