30 September 2014

Lily isms 25

"I am NOT impressed."

Lily: are you pumping milk for baby Kaylee?
Me: yes, I am.
Lily: oh. Well, I'm drinking milk in my cup, you know!"

(Note- playing make believe:)
"I am very brave in the fire. I didn't get burned because I have sunscreen on."

"Momma, I'm having issues here."

"Did the caterpillar go in her raccoon?"

(Lily was a little hoarse:)
"The sniffles are making me be very quiet."

"I really have the cough-es!"

"Oh so that's how you do that. I never knew how to do that when I was you yesterday!"

Lily: where are we going?
Me: to our friend's house?
Lily: oh, what shape are their windows?

Lily: where's Daddy going?
Me: to shut the door.
Lily: *heavy sigh* for goodness.

Lily: can I take my favorite stuffed animal to bed?
Me: yes, what is it?
Lily: a zebra!
Me: we don't have any zebra stuffed animals.
Lily: oh.  How about a howler monkey?!

"I like triangles."

Emma: poop!
Me: Emma, did you step in poop?
Emma: yeah, little bit.

Emma: where Lily?
Me: I'm not sure .
Emma: I ate her.
Me: what?
Emma: I ate her!

"Here's them! I carrying my pants."