23 August 2016

#hildebrandgirltrip 2016

I had a nice entry mostly ready to go about our #hildebrandgirltrip and hit "save," but that apparently didn't do what it was supposed to do and so here I am, starting over.  

Oh well. 

This was the third summer of our girl trip, and I have really enjoyed them and am so glad we've been able to do it.  I'm a hot mess for most of the trip, but it's getting easier as the kiddos get older, and I'm glad we have the opportunity to visit family and do some fun stuff we don't get to here.  The first summer was the busiest, as we centered it around 2 baby due dates and a wedding.  Last year was 2 birthday parties, and this year, one birthday party for Cameron.  And, the girls got some time with Mimi and Poppo while I went to Louisville for some brother/sister in law time!

First stop, Findlay, OH! 

Lily gave a private concert.
the girls got to try out playing a harp.
We went to Swan House for a real tea party 

Then we were off to Fishers, IN! 
Indianapolis Zoo!

We saw the dolphin show!
We played at the splash pad at the zoo and loved it.
We spent as much time in the pool as Lily could convince us to. 
We read stories.
We went swimming with, "Momma's Friend Emily, whose wedding we went to," as Lily fondly refers to her.

We disguised huge meltdowns as cute Mom/Daughter moments (but this was actually a huge meltdown from Kaylee).
We went to Mrs. Curl.
We made French fry mustaches.
We went swimming.  Again.

We played with sparklers!
We had a birthday party for Cameron!
Big 2 Year Old boy!

Then Joel and I roadtripped to Kentucky!  And we all discovered that I just say whatever I'm thinking and ramble on for a long time about nothing when I don't have little people interrupting, asking questions and being my children and needing things every 0.5 seconds.
We went for a run and loved life.
I text this to Jesse and his response was, "NO."  Kimmy's foster kittens are the best.
We pretended we'd never seen deer before and were wildlife adventurers. 
And I thought I had more pictures to share, but this is apparently it for now.  So there you have it!  I'll try and share about school soon!