28 May 2011

Garage Sale Saturday!

Jesse and I love garage sales: I think it's the combination of good deals and looking for hidden treasures in what other people see as junk, and this weekend, we did pretty great.  Friday, I was only able to find one sale I felt justified spending money, and walked away with a bag stuffed full of clothes for Lily for $1, two pairs of shoes for another buck and a small coffee pot for $1.  How can you beat that?  Today, after we finally dragged ourselves out of bed, Jesse and I decided to go see what we could find and oh man, are we glad we did!

Sale #1: a walker ($1), a baby swing ($1) and two pairs of jeans for Jesse ($3).  The lady running the show was excited to see that we have a baby and gave us all her unused boxes of rice, oatmeal and mixed grain baby cereals.  Probably 10 boxes!

Lily fell asleep in her new swing, and that hat is another find
Sale #2: two baby gates ($2 [we didn't have any, so this was perfect]), two sun shades for our car ($3 [more than I wanted to pay, but we needed them]) and probably 100 Mason jars for canning!! ($5!!!).  We need our garden.  

Sale #3:  I don't remember the prices for the things here, but Jesse was pretty excited about it all.  It looked like a daughter had come to help her sickly father get rid of stuff.  Jesse also found a bucket of lead, because honestly, who doesn't need a bucket of lead?  But seriously, he will use it to make musket balls for hunting.
2 cast iron frying pans, 1 cast iron Dutch oven, a planer, knife sharpener and an entrenching tool from Vietnam (aka, fold-able shovel)
Our little town is having a community wide garage sale next weekend, which we will be missing, and I am a little bummed about this.  There will probably be all sorts of treasures we won't get to look through.  We haven't found too much of value, yet, but we have hope!  Julia did find a Coach purse when she and I went last weekend, so I guess that pretty awesome.  This week, my favorite find was the swing for $1, and I think Jesse's were the cast iron cookware (3 for $15).

And currently, Lily doesn't understand how the walker works, but I'll let you know how that goes when she figures it out.  I suppose that's about it for now!

25 May 2011

8 months!

Without a doubt, this was the hardest batch of monthly pictures to take of little goober.  She sat still enough, but she would not look at the camera.  If she did, she was making a face.  Ridiculous.  
Zeke was quite the distraction, so lesson learned: don't let your crazy dog run around while you're trying to take pictures!  Not necessarily my best round of pictures, but they definitely show her growing personality. 

photo bomber..he distracted her a lot while I was trying to take pictures
love this one

she makes the funniest facial expressions now.  no idea where she gets that..

The other lesson I learned: if it looks like it could be a good backdrop for a photo, don't put your kid there.  I almost stuck her in two patches of poison ivy and next to a thorny bush.  Fortunately, I know what poison ivy looks like and Jesse wouldn't let either of us near the bush.  I apparently have a dangerous the park next time!? 

21 May 2011

hooray for graduating!

I have been reading "Winnie The Pooh" and "The House at Pooh Corner" to Lily recently in very small increments since the listener has a very small attention span.  The copy I've been reading to her is the one I stole borrowed from Mom and Dad that they read to Jess, Joel and me: it has been well-loved and is at the wonderful falling-apart stage of it's life, so I have the added joyful task of trying to keep her from grabbing at the pages.  I've been enjoying reading to her, and as her little attention span grows, I will maybe get to finish more than a page at a time..regardless, I have decided we have a Tigger on our hands because "bouncing is what Tiggers do best," and if you've really ever met Lily, you know she's a bouncer.  
 Julia and I found this little jumpy-turtle-thing at a garage sale for $5.  Once her little feet can hit the floor, I think she'll enjoy more than she already does, but she was already trying to bounce on it.
Lily also has been learning to share..I've been giving her hard sourdough pretzels to chew on, and she'll chew on it for a little bit, then hold it out for Zeke to get a few licks before she takes it back to chew on it again.  Awesome.  
 Jesse planted our "garden" today!  Spinach, two types of lettuce, two tomato plants and then our little lemon tree and mint, of course!  Since we're only renting the house we're in, it's easier to garden in pots instead of trying to wrestle the soil in the backyard into submission.
Lastly, Joel graduated today!  YAY Joel :) Lily and I went on a mini roadtrip to Mount Vernon to watch him get his diploma.  We actually drove to Zanesville last night and spent the night there so we didn't have to leave at 5am this morning.  Mom H and I enjoyed a movie night and watched Tangled, which I really enjoyed, even if it doesn't have the same flair as Aladdin or The Little Mermaid.  
after all the graduates went in and were seated, I went to find Joel and took his picture
and then asked the guy sitting next to him to take our picture..thanks, Guy Sitting Next to Joel!
got to see the greatest professor of all times!
note: Joel IS, in fact, holding a teething ring in his hand.  it was for Lily, not him.

And that's about it!  Good job, Joel!

15 May 2011


Well, Lily crawled up her first step the other day.  I guess it's time we try get a baby gate or can't tell from the picture, but she was throwing an absolute fit.  She was wanting to be held, but I had put her down in the middle of the living room and gone to the kitchen.  Jesse walked through the living room and gone upstairs and when I went to the living room to check on her, Lily was trying to follow Jesse up the stairs.  It was the saddest little sight ever, because she was so incredibly upset and was trying to figure out how to get to Daddy.

she got side tracked, though

We also bought a bike trailer over the weekend!  I'm really excited about it, but so are Jesse and Lily.  They even built it together. 

Also, on Friday, Julia and I went garage sale-ing!  We didn't find too many worthwhile, but I did come home with a great new toy chest for Lily..

And today was the first day the Farmer's Market was open!  So we bought some strawberries and rhubarb and Jesse made a pie.  I was supposed to be the one in charge of making it, but while I was trying to clean up the kitchen to get started, Jesse got started and only let me help a little bit with the pie crust.  

using MY rolling pin!
that's an "A J H" in case you couldn't tell..

It turned out great, by the way.  Even set up, for the most part :)

Still waiting on teeth..I really hope they come in soon, because she has been very clingy (to me) and her sleeping has been more crazy than usual.  While she normally goes down very easily, she really struggled falling asleep tonight, and she's still not sleeping through the night.  I'm not too worried about it, just a little discouraged because she used to do both so well.

Life goes on.  Be sure to check out my photo's of Lily on my other blog.  I updated, and everything!

10 May 2011

just another update

In case you haven't looked at a calendar recently, it's already May.  So.  Fast.  Lily is already 7.5 months old.  And what I really don't understand is how 7.5 months of pregnancy took forever (other mom's, you can vouch for this, I'm sure), but the past 7.5 months have seriously flown by.

This past weekend was another busy one (surprise, surprise).  We traveled to Mount Vernon, OH so I could play in an alumni soccer game.  And to all you soccer girls out there who didn't show up, I missed you and wish you had been there.  I guess I shouldn't really say "so I could play soccer" because honestly, it was a pathetic attempt.  And really, I just wanted to see my friends and get the t-shirt I was promised (which I did).  It was fun, though, and I got to see my family for a few hours and congratulate Jess on FINALLY graduating college (sheesh, took you long enough..just kidding, congrats Dr. Wayman!).

From the game and pizza afterwards, Jesse and I went back to Zanesville for the evening and to spend Mother's Day with his parents.  We had a great time with them: very relaxing and enjoyable.  
reading the comics with Grandpa

 The 5 of us and two dogs went mushroom hunting on Sunday, and Lily is as much of a fan of the woods and trees as the rest of us are.  For those of you who have never been mushroom hunting, it's basically a walk through the forest where you look down occasionally and try and find edible mushrooms.  And if you're a Hildebrand, this also involves finding a good "mushroom stick" (aka "walking stick").  Zeke really loves going out with us because we just let him romp and roam through the trees off a leash with his miniature daschund buddy, Annie.

Jesse and his mushrooming stick.  he claimed it was a bit large, and I find that hard to believe.
an example of what we were looking for.
Yesterday, Lily took her first nap in My Red Chair.  I can't even explain how exciting this is.  This Chair was the one I called dibs on in high school: I took naps in it while "studying" for tests, reading books, etc, and I'm pretty sure Dad took naps in it, too.  It's my favorite chair ever, and I think about the most comfortable thing in the world.  It's old and I have no idea where it came from, and has been recovered so it is now blue but it will always be my Red Chair.  If you've ever sat in said Chair, you might understand a little bit.  Jesse has vetoed all future naps, though, until she can sit in it properly since he was afraid she'd fall off.  He just doesn't like the chair, even though he claims it's his favorite. 

Aside from that..she is now pulling herself to her feet and has abandoned army crawling, preferring to use her hands and knees like a big girl.  Yesterday I found her first tooth, though it hasn't broken through the skin yet, you can see it.  I'm glad it's there, now I can feel like I know why she's been grumpy/anti-sleep/sick with a cold.  That's going to be my theory anyway.  

02 May 2011

Country Music Half Marathon

I really should get caught up here.  I know everyone who reads this is just dying to know what's been going on over here, and I just haven't had time/energy/creativity to update, apparently.  And I HAVE been taking pictures for my other blog, just haven't felt like taking the 5 minutes to update.  So, there will be roughly a hundred pictures to upload when I get around to it..

This past weekend, Jesse, Lily and I ventured down to Nashville, TN for the Country Music Half Marathon.  Really, I just wanted to go see our friends who live down there and needed a great excuse to get Jesse out of the house and agree to drive 9 hours one way to visit people.  Thanks for being a good sport, Jesse.  We had a great time visiting everyone we hadn't seen in WAAAAY too long, and have decided we need to see these people more often than once every 3 years.  The evening before the race, 14 (I think) people gathered at TJ and Heather's for a pasta party and pre-race discussions and tactics planning.  
Somehow, the night went too fast, bedtime came too late, and my alarm to get up at 245a came way too early.  Tiff and her SIL (who ran the race last year) got stuck in traffic on the way to the race, and we wanted to make sure we avoided all traffic and would be there in plenty of time to warm up, stretch and get to our corrals before race time.  Needless to say, we made it and I fell asleep sitting up while we tried to conserve body heat before we could justify warming up and standing in the million-people-deep line for the bathrooms.

I am disappointed with my time.  Chip time was 2:45 and some change or something similar to that, but my watch time was closer to 2:30.  I was hoping for 2:15, but as my wise husband says "you can plan and plan and plan, but I have learned that marathons never go according to the plans."  I started in on some pretty great blisters around mile 4, a stomachache started shortly after which left me feeling like I was going to throw up the rest of the run and probably the most severe leg cramping I've ever had.  Sometimes, races just don't go as planned, and I don't think that any additional runs or training could have prepared me for all of that, so I'm not too upset, just a little disappointed.
I'm ridiculous sometimes
Jesse and the rest of the spectator crowd cheered the runners on around mile 2, and unfortunately due to construction, didn't see us again until the home stretch.  But seeing people cheering you on and waving signs sure does brighten you up through the pain.  While I enjoyed seeing everyone, my favorite part was at the end when Lily saw me.  She didn't cry for me like she normally does, just got the biggest smile ever and started waving and flailing around like she does when she's excited.

Anyway, all the miles ran together (no pun intended) and I don't really remember what happened when between miles 6-10.  I had Shot Blox, some Cytomax, lots of water and a salt packet, a banana and an orange slice somewhere in there; saw a lady fall during a water stop (OUCH) and another lady have a seizure (there was a ton of help around her, so I just kept going..); got passed by a dude who was blindfolded (?), pushing a stroller with some sort of video camera mounted to it and a girl juggling the whole race.  It was a great experience, and even though the whole way through I was contemplating why on earth I think that running is fun and something I should keep doing, I'm already planning on my next one (Columbus in October!!!) and the marathon relay Team Pagano is doing (Findlay, October!).

All that fun aside, after the race, all the runners relaxed, stretched, ate, showered and ice bath-ed at Heather's for a few hours.  I got to spend some great time with Heather and Tiff while Lily passed out on Mrs. Hill and Jesse talked about computers with his friends.  They all went to a concert that 
night, and Jesse and I went to spend the night with Jared, Lindsey and Addiston.  

Tiff braving an ice bath
It was a great and very relaxing evening.  Lindsey and I talked babies and how awesome ours are (obviously) and just caught up on life. The boys worked on the Miller's hot tub and grilled us food.  We wrapped up the evening with giving the girls a bath, enjoying a fire and marshmallows and then playing a game before I finally about fell asleep sitting up (again).

The drive home was annoying, just because it was so long, but Lily did great and we made it safely.  We're planning on visiting again in the not-so-distant-future :)
adorable girls playing in the bath
ps- you can watch a video of my finish here.  I'm on the left, blue tank top, right after a guy in red jumps up and hits the finish line banner.