31 August 2012

big girl and little girl

So, question: where did Baby Lily go, and who is this Toddler Lily who seems to have replaced her?  Don't get me wrong, the toddler version is hilarious and loads of joy, but really.  Where has the time gone?

Among other things, this morning: I was (stupidly) removing her too small clothes and organizing the correct size.  I say stupidly because it is a semi-emotional task anyway.  While I was working on this, she was putting her baby doll in the play stroller she has and was pushing her up and down the hall while carrying a bag that had a play cell phone in it.  All of this while just in her diaper, of course.  And then she went and got the front pack I use for Emma and insisted that she get to wear it and put baby in it.  That amount that she mimics us and other people is astounding, even though I knew she would since little kids are like sponges.  Still.  And she is still, a week later, talking about the Warrior Dash.  She will randomly spout off talking about how I was swimming through the mud and how dirty Betsy and I got and that we needed showers. Of course, it sounds more like Momma kick kick dirty; Aunt Betsy dirty; Momma shower.

And, we are working on switching to a Big Girl Bed, while also getting rid of the chupa.  She will now hand her chupa to me when she wakes up and says "chupa bedtime!" because she knows that's when she will get it next.  Just now, she (apparently?) went to take a nap in her bed!  I had taken the front of the crib off- it converts to a toddler bed- and she was so excited.  After a few minutes of me telling her to go lay down and being ignored, I told her to wait in her room while I took care of Emma.  She sat in her door and cried, but waited as she was told.  By the time I was going to check on her, Lily was laying on her bed, and when I heard footsteps, I quickly stepped out of sight.  She had just come to shut her bedroom door.  Right now, she is being quiet.  But she very well could be dancing naked in there for all I know!

I have such a big girl now.

And then we have Emma.  So relaxed compared to Lily at this age.  And she likes to roll onto her back from her stomach.  I will put her down on her tummy and it seems that half the time, she immediately will roll to her back.  Which is hilarious because whenever Lily sees Emma on her back- whether she started on her back or rolled there- she gets so excited and says "EMMA ROOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!" and occasionally, likes to help "fix" Emma and put her back on her stomach.  I'm so glad that Lily loves Emma.  And that Emma is laid back.

And I updated my pictures, go check 'em out!

26 August 2012

Warrior Princess(es)

Today, I ran one of the best 5k's ever.  I had wanted to run a Warrior Dash since my cousin sent me a text telling me I had to.  I came in 4357/6706 and had an absolutely great time running with Erin and Betsy.  And, as you can go ahead and assume, we rocked it.  There were some great obstacles and you have no excuse to not do it, because Jesse watched a kid with what he presumed to be cerebral palsy finish the race.  
he even jumped over the fire
leaping over the fire
And then things got a bit muddy..

then REALLY muddy..

and we had a fabulous time!!
Lily was so upset that I was so dirty.  she kept saying "Momma messy, Momma fall, Momma messy.."
Thanks for running with me, Betsy and Erin!  And thanks to our fabulous helpers with the kiddos!

21 August 2012

it's Tuesday! and an update.

I am thankful for-

1. all my mom friends: both those that have kids the same age as mine and are going through the same stages as me and also for the ones with older kids because my friends AND their kids are still alive and survived the twos and encourage me.

2. all my friends and family who don't have kids yet.  They are always patient with me and willing to lend a hand and help love on my kids every chance they get.  And certainly judge me appropriate amounts when it is needed.

3. spontaneity.

4. Lily's increasing vocabulary: it brings joy and laughter.

5. the ability to be a stay at home mom so I can watch my kids grow and develop.

Jesse and I stayed up way too late last night talking and one of the topics we discussed was Lily's vocabulary.  It just cracks us both up.  She is working so hard to string 2-4 word sentences together and trying new words daily: both the ones we ask her to attempt and the ones that she hears us say.  Some of her favorite phrases are "oooooh man!", "Emma (or Momma or Daddy) happy?!", and "hold baby?!" though the list could go on indefinitely.  The other night, Lily invited herself to spend the night at Aunt Betsy's by saying something along the lines of "stay, sleep, night, Aunt Betsy's house!"  And while I feel I have been able to communicate with Lily from an early age, thanks to teaching her some sign, I really enjoy being able to talk to her more now.  When I was younger and babysitting, I never understood what in the world the toddlers were saying to me, or how their parents knew what it was without hesitation.  I get it now.  Some of Jesse and my favorites (that bring the laughter) are: ham-poon (pillow), cam-poon (crouton), bow-bowm (vacuum), nong-nee (gummy) and burber (burger).  THIS list could definitely go much longer.  But pillow is the reigning favorite for now.  She also has apparently been working on naming the 7 dwarves because she throws happy, sleepy and "neeze" (sneeze) around frequently.
Her memory has also been kind of shocking me.  When we drive up to the Y, we pass a fountain that shoots water and Lily obviously loves it.  She knows which exit we take to see the water, and as soon as we get off the exit ramp, she starts talking about it.  One day it was broken, and I had to explain to her that maybe they were fixing it so she could see it next time.  Then, Lily overheard Jesse and me talking about me going back to work and she pipes up "fix, water?"  I was floored that she put together water with the Y and knew that when we referred to my job she knew she would get to see the water.  

Emma is doing great.  She's 2 months old and not a lot can be said for what she's up to.  She occasionally will roll over (sometimes with Lily's help with an exclamation of "EMMA ROLL!!!!!!"), and the other day I put her on her tummy in the crib for a nap and when I checked on her she was on her back.  Her neck strength is improving and she is holding her head up pretty well.  Beyond that...she's an infant and doesn't do a whole lot.

Zeke is a champ.  Poor guy puts up with a lot.  Lily adores him and tries to play ball, and for the most part, she is the only one he will drop a ball for.  However, she is still learning that she can't walk over and smack him.  When we correct her and tell her she can't do that, she will lightly stroke his face and say "nice!"  I was going out for a run the other day and had forgotten he was outside.  Not a problem except he decided he wanted to run with me.  Problem a) he is NOT a distance runner, but rather a one-sprint-and-done kind of dog, b) he has been having some hip or paw pain and there was no way he would be able to keep up with my (slow) pace and c) we really don't want him going out of our hollow without a leash because we don't want him to wander down the road to the neighbors.  So I had to turn around and take him home.  Maybe when he's feeling better he can go with me.

Lily's idea of sharing her toys
playing with Daddy's tablet

11 August 2012


I don't have a creative title for today's blog.  And Jesse was most unhelpful.

I can't believe I forgot to post this on Tuesday when I blogged last, but Lily had her first dentist appointment!  Ok, I guess I can believe that I forgot it- who likes going to the dentist?  Anyway.  She didn't cry or try and bite anybody, so overall: success!  We really like our dentist practice, and maybe more practices do this, but all they did on her first visit was basically let her go for a ride in the chair, watch a video with a chimpanzee who brushed his teeth and gave her a goody bag with a toothbrush and those disposable flossers.  Lily actually sat on my lap the whole time.  We rescheduled for 6 months and the hygienist said we would just do it all again until Lily is comfortable with the whole process and would let the hygienist look in her mouth.  Do all dentists do this?  If not, they should.  Jesse also had an appointment this week (no cavities, so proud) and he overheard another patient as he was leaving whining and complaining about hating the dentist.  When the hygienist asked how long it had been since he had been to the dentist last, the older guy (without missing a beat) apparently reported it had ben 26 years, 4 months and 2 days since his last appointment.  ....I'm going to let that sink in for a bit.

Also, go check out my picture blog.

Today was an interesting day, but overall fun.  Julia was an incredibly brave soul and watched both the girls for a few hours while Jesse and I went on a date to go see a movie.  She reported that things went well, and while she had been able to convince Lily to hold off on making her change a poopy diaper until after Lily had turned one, she forgot to have the same pep talk with Emma, and apparently got to take care of a doozy.  Way to go, Julia, you're a champ.  

It was mainly an interesting day because it was a year ago today that Jesse and I had to deal with my eptopic pregnancy.  I wasn't sure what I would be thinking of on this day, but it did creep into my mind at several points, remembering the excruciating physical pain I was in and then the following mental and emotional pain that followed.  I didn't want to dwell on it, but I did want to acknowledge it and deal with it myself.  Remembering the details of how strange and hard of a day that was: babysitting at the Y in the morning and arranging with Julia to watch Lily while I went to an urgent care for my pain; finding out I was pregnant and then finding out a few hours later that this baby wasn't in the right spot and I was going to be staying at the hospital; having to call Jesse and tell him to come be with me and then following calls and texts to friends and family to ask for prayer; Lily staying with Betsy for a few days; being waken up at midnight to go into surgery and being very groggy when I was returned to the room, but giving Jesse a thumbs up before I fell asleep that I was ok.  God has His reasons for why we lost that baby, but as I held and cuddled Emma today- which was more than I normally do- I was and still am so thankful for my 8 week old baby that He gave us instead, as well as our crazy almost 2 year old.  


07 August 2012

thankful tuesday/new title/etc.

1. I am thankful that God has given me the gift of sleep.  I know not everyone sleeps as easily as I (typically) do, but when I have to get up 2-3+ times a night with Emma, I am incredibly thankful that I fall back to sleep almost as soon as my head hits my pillow again.

2. I am thankful for the ability to run.  I had a great jog last night, and realized how much I enjoy it.  Running is so much more fun for me when no one is making me do it, and I don't feel obligated to go for a run, like when I'm training for a half marathon.  Right now, running is about the only way I have been getting "me" time.  Totally alone with my thoughts for some time.  Sure, Jesse helps a ton when he is home, but as any mom can attest to, I'm still on call for both girls regardless of how Jesse is occupying them.

3. I'm thankful that I survived my trip to and from Findlay, as I described in my last post.

4. I'm thankful for the ability to travel when needed/desired to see friends and family,  and to have the ability to still be part of their lives even though we don't live in the same town anymore.  

5. nap time.

Now, onto other things.  I only have a few things to discuss today.

Frist, Emma rolled over for the first (and second) time(s) yesterday.  I went to change Lily's diaper and left Emma on her stomach in the living room.  When I came back, she was on her back.  A few people have suggested that Zeke probably rolled her over, and since no one was really there to witness it, it doesn't count.  I support this option.  However, during dinner when she was again on her stomach, Jesse, Lily and I all looked over in time to see her roll (read: gracefully flop) over onto her back.  Jesse didn't really want to count this as a "roll" with Lily, saying that she had pushed herself up on her elbows and then flopped.  However, he didn't say that yesterday when Emma did something similar, so either he is just a seasoned Dad now and excited by the little things or knew better than to challenge me on my excitement.  Aunt Jess was bummed that Emma had decided to wait until we were back in WV to roll, meaning that she missed it, but as I pointed out to Jess, Emma would have needed to be laid down on the floor at some point in Findlay for us to witness this.  And she was held about 95% of the time.  Fortunately for me, she doesn't seem to expect that from me this week!

Second, thank you to everyone who has told me that they read my blog.  I appreciate the feedback and knowing people actually DO read it.  Plus, when I see people, they already know what's going on in my life (for the most part) and I can just focus on asking them questions and getting filled in on THEIR lives.  A very efficient means of communication, though I do feel that I repeat myself.  Feel free to tell me that it's old news.

Second A, going off of this, people have also been noting that my blog title is no longer accurate.  Thus, we have had a name change, and once I find a picture I want, we may have a mini-make over on what my blog looks like.  I couldn't simply change "three" to "four" as we don't have any fish.  I didn't feel like "Four People and a Dog" was a good title, and since the chickens and pig don't actually live at our house, I didn't feel I could include them (the chickens WILL live here, but they don't, so it doesn't count yet).  After pondering it for awhile, I decided on "Cup of Joe" for now.  That doesn't mean that will be the title for ever, but it'll suffice, I guess.  It doesn't have the same kind of ring to it, and it doesn't fit a blog written by me as well in my mind, but the majority have spoken and I needed a new title.  
"Cup of Joe" has a little bit of a story to it, I guess, based off my life experiences.  As many of you know, my life plans were nowhere even remotely close to what I am doing.  However, God has a neat way of letting us think whatever we want: and here I am, a (mostly) stay at home mom of two and married to a really awesome guy, living in the country.  Now, why the title?  A year or so ago I thought I would create another blog that would be my brilliant thoughts on this whole adult/mom life thing.  I ended up canning it (quickly), but it was titled "Cup of Tea."  
People use the phrase "that is/isn't my cup of tea" to describe their preference to something, and I'm finding (regularly) that this mom thing is MY cup of tea in the adult life: I'm right where God wants me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I have loads of friends who are either attending grad school or have graduated, including my siblings.  Apparently, as I joke with them, I decided to get my masters in "dirty diapers."  That's all well and good for them, that is what's in their cups.  And an important point for me to note is that when I have pity parties for myself about wanting to go back to school or do something productive with my life, I have a few good people who will talk some sense into me and remind me that I am, just in a different form.  
As for the Tea vs. Joe bit..I prefer coffee.  I started drinking tea when Jesse and I got married because he loves a good cup of tea, and I wanted to share in this, so I taught myself to like it.  I DO like tea now, even going as far as liking a cup of straight black tea on occasion..but coffee is my preference.  And since I have taken to blogging during nap time, and frequently have a cup sitting in front of me, I felt the title fitting.

And.  I suppose that is it for now!  Carry on.


06 August 2012

J&K get married!

Well people.  I'm not entirely sure where to begin or how much detail to go into, so bear with me as I attempt to type this post.  Last week was all kinds of busy and exciting.  Spoiler alert: I laughed, I cried, I gained a sister and almost kicked my car.

Tuesday morning, Lily, Emma and I ventured forth from the Wild and Wonderful to the Buckeye state. Solo.  Oy.  The 5 hour trip with both girls to Findlay really wasn't too bad, and I thought to myself "self, you're a champ."  The last hour was kind of hard, because we were all three over it, but I had left around 930a, giving myself plenty of time and daylight to stop as often as I needed or felt like.  I arrived mid afternoon Tuesday and went straight to Mama and Poppy's apartment, and spent some time with Mama, Beth and Aunt Kathy.  Dinner happened at some point, I think I saw Joel and Kimmy eventually..I don't remember too much of Tuesday, it was awhile ago.
Wednesday proceeded in some sort of order.  I honestly don't remember everything that went on, but I DO remember that Lily barely slept Tuesday night, so Wednesday had a lot of coffee in it.  Tuesday was the first night that Lily slept in the same room as Emma, and as a bonus, I was also in said room, and Aunt Kathy and Beth.  Just a mini party, where Lily decided NOT to sleep (much, if at all) from 12-530, preferring to talk in her sleep, awake and cry.  It.  was.  bizarre.  And long.  My thanks to my family for putting up with her during the night.  Around dinner time, I headed up to Toledo to see Rick and Nikki.  It was fun to get to see and visit with them for a little bit.  When we got back to Findlay, Jess and Richard had joined our party, so the attendance at my parents house was up to 11 at this point. Maybe 12, I don't remember when Krissi (Kimmy's MOH) showed up.

Thursday.  Day before the wedding.  Joel and Kimmy ran errands.  I don't think I was too much help at any point leading up to the wedding, to be honest, but no one really expected me to I think since I had an infant and small crazy person (Lily) to watch.  I think Beth, Jess, Richard, the girls and I went to Mama and Poppy's.  I also believe we went to Donato's for lunch.  Regardless, the rehearsal time came, everyone required there went to that and I stayed at my parents house with the girls.  After rehearsal came the picnic style dinner at my parents, so everyone came back to be with me and we ate delicious burgers and hotdogs, compliments of Richard's excellent grilling.  While he was grilling, I put Lily in a wheelbarrow and carted her around the yard, which she thought was pretty fun.

Friday.  Wedding day.  Geoff and Laci showed up early in the morning and were champs considering they had flown overnight from LA to join our party.  A bunch of us headed to the church for set up and prep.  To fight the rush of a wedding (ceremony, food, cake, trying to catch a word with the bride/groom before leaving), Joel and Kimmy decided to have a pre-reception: hang out BEFORE the wedding with snacks and an ice cream machine, chill, dance some, play games, visit, eat dinner and THEN have the wedding, followed by cake/dessert.  It was very nice and fun, though dinner ran late.  I felt I had a lot of time to visit with friends and family I hadn't seen in a really long time, and Emma got passed from person to person.  Since I was surrounded the whole trip by family and friends who were willing to help with the girls, I actually didn't have Lily or Emma too much during the wedding.  Especially since Lily just wanted to be with my parents, Aunt Jess or Uncle Rich(ard) most of the time. The ceremony was perfect, and very fitting for Joel and Kimmy.  Lily wanted to help Dave, so it was good that Joel and Kimmy had a laid back wedding since Lily walked right up to join them.
Brides and Grooms get ready so differently..

I'm not sure either of their faces could have handled bigger smiles

Not that the wedding needed to be any more awesome, but their photographer saw me walking around with my camera and asked if I was going to be his assistant.  When I responded that I didn't think so but I would be taking lots of pictures, he handed me one of his awesome lenses and said to go have fun.  He also gave me a short lesson how some photography things and let me use one of his lenses during the wedding, as well.  I felt so special.  And also made me want several camera lenses that I DEFINITELY can't afford..but maybe something similar just on the cheaper end :)

Saturday was relaxing.  Laci, Jess and I went for a run together and then Geoff, Laci, Beth, Jess, Richard, the girls and I went to 5 Guys Burgers for lunch.  Yum.  Remaining family went to Mama and Poppy's to relax and visit until Applebee's for dinner before my cousins, siblings and I went off to see the new Batman movie while Mom, Dad and Aunt Kathy watched Lily and Emma for me.

Sunday was church, lunch, seeing Megan and Jordan for a few minutes (thanks for making the effort to come over, guys!) before heading home.  The drive home was hard after the first 2 hours (where both girls napped).  The last 3 hours passed with both girls taking turns crying off and on.  At least they took turns.  I had a hard time with Emma, as I couldn't get her to calm down and my sure-fire method to calm her down is swaddling her up, which doesn't work in a carseat (this is the part where I almost kicked my car in frustration when I had pulled over to try and feed her and calm her down).

Overall, GREAT week/end and I'm so glad that I was able to go.  I wish Jesse had been able to go with me to the wedding, but we survived and so did he on his bachelor week.  When I came home, he proudly told me he had done all the household chores so I could relax.  Then clarified by saying he had just done laundry, dishes and vacuumed, but hey, I will take it and appreciate the help!

I'm sure I missed some important points, but that's the general idea.  I thought I had taken a ton more pictures.  Apparently, I did not, but these were some of my favorites.  Hooray for Joel and Kimmy finally being married! xoxo and with that, all of Team Pagano is married.