27 July 2010

31 weeks, 4 days

Quick update..I finished the baby sling I was making! So excited about it :) Jesse is still working hard on the changing pad he is making, but in all fairness, his pattern is harder to follow and understand than the one for the sling. While my pattern was at least loosely translated from the original Chinese, I think his was left in Chinese. Just because you pick a pattern brand called "Simplicity" does not mean they are simple.
And, he is using nylon/rip-stop nylon: RIDICULOUS to work with because it slides all over the place.
Showing off my iron and ironing board..
showing where Lily will go in the sling. And then we wanted to test it out for real..and didn't have a baby on hand..
65lb+ Boxer will work in a pinch. He is obviously thrilled with the situation he has found himself in. And I am not going to elaborate on how we got him IN the sling..but it was exciting. [note: this is not how I will carry Lily in the sling]

All in all, it was a lot of fun to make! I only got frustrated at the end when I started to get really particular about what little details looked like and I ended up ripping out a bunch of seams because it wasn't straight enough. No blood was drawn on pins, but I DID manage to break two needles! Two!

That's it, I was just really excited about my sling. Jesse and I are going to pick up our crib this weekend, next weekend is Pagano-fest '10 (aka Pagano family reunion! YAY!) and then in a few weeks after that is family gathering on Jesse's side of the family. Busy busy..Jesse commented today that he thought 9 months was a really long time to take to grow a person. Because he is ready to meet her and hold her NOW. This led to a discussion on how her due date being 8.5 weeks away seems like not as much time as saying 2 months. Which is true somehow.

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