04 July 2010

28 weeks, 2 days

I made it back from a week of OSAS (Ohio Scottish Arts School)! This is the camp that Jess, Joel and I went to for years for dancing; and I got to go this year again as a photographer/counselor. It was so much fun to see some of the teachers and people from the 9ish years from where I spent a week each summer. Everyone was excited to find out that I am pregnant and that we're having a little girl named Lily. One girl that I met this week had no problem coming up and rubbing my belly and saying hi to Lily each time she saw me, and actually got to feel some movement at one point, which made her day.

It was a good week, but pretty uncomfortable to be really honest. We stayed in the Oberlin College dorms (with no air conditioning), and the day or so before I headed there, my body decided to break out in some random rashes. The doctor I grew up going to (and who actually was there at delivery for all of Team Pagano) goes to this camp still as a bagpiper, so he checked out my rashes and said it looked like mostly heat rash, some hives and something else. A few days later, he declared that he had no idea what this was because hives should be gone by now. Needless to say, I was thrilled when the temperature dropped for the week into the 70s.

I really enjoyed being able to go back and watch a few dance classes (while pretending to take pictures) and really made me miss dancing. Maybe after Lily arrives I'll get back into it..sometime.

After camp ended on Friday, Mom and I headed back to Findlay. I got to see Mama, Poppy, Aunt Lynn and the rest of the family for a little bit Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon before I headed home. It was a great and tiring week with lots of walking and not enough ice cream, but Lily and I enjoyed ourselves, and Grandma Milly (my mom) got to feel her move and kick a little bit. I have a midwife appointment Thursday for a repeat glucose test, so I'm obviously looking forward to that. And now, a few pictures from my week at camp so I can prove I actually did productive things and not just walk around for a week at camp.

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  1. Love-
    LAME about your rash. not fun at all. But your pictures are adorable, and so are you!