25 July 2010

31 weeks, 2 days

9 weeks to go!! Yikes! And the crib should be finished Monday, so we will be needing to plan a trip up to Amish country in Ohio here soon. Honestly if it's not done Monday, they may very well get a phone call from a grumpy pregnant lady, so let's hope it doesn't come to that! The guy I talked to said it'd be ready between the 13-26 of this month..

This is what it'll look like when it's done. Not with that bedding though, so picture more of a safari theme (picked by Jesse).

Not a ton is going on, but it's raining and I felt like blogging, so here it is. Lily is definitely getting one can deny this now, and Jesse and I have been enjoying the random conversations we've had with strangers in random places. The current favorite is when the cashier at the grocery store today asked how far along I was, and then proceeded to tell me how she was also pregnant, but nobody believed her 'cause she didn't have a belly yet. Since she was only 4 months along, and she seemed so excited to start to show, I didn't tell her that I didn't REALLY start to noticeably show until a month or so ago..

Overall, I've still been feeling great, nothing worth even mentioning if I've been uncomfortable. But honestly, this entire last week was sooooo ridiculously humid in preparation for the rain we FINALLY are getting right now that yes, I was a bit uncomfortable. I'm praying that fall weather comes fast in WV..I've really started to notice how big Lily is getting when I try and reach down for something, or even put socks on. This is kind of weird for me, as I've always been flexible and able to touch my I have to try and bring my toes to me while sitting to put my socks on. And for those of you who know me well and know I never tie my shoes: THIS is why! I don't have to bend over to tie them now, I can just slip 'em on. And yes, I am going to claim that this is the reason that I haven't tied my shoes (except running shoes) since high school.
I haven't experienced anything I would consider Braxton Hicks or contractions yet (my midwife asked, that's the only reason I bring it up). Except maybe I can write off the cramping and tightening I've felt since the beginning of the second trimester as this..but I'm not sure yet. I just normally assume it's baby growing and the tendons have to stretch to accommodate. Maybe I should find out what BH really feels like..

Now that the midwife has told me that Lily is head down (oops, didn't know), I've been able to try and notice specific movements and figure out which limb she is flailing about. So far, no success. But, everyone promises that I'll be able to tell before too long that hey, that was a foot. Jesse really has been enjoying her growth spurts, as he can now physically see her moving and watch my stomach move. His exact words were "'s like you have a little alien in there!" Zeke doesn't seem to care too much about anything at this point, and except for some sporadic pacing, he's acted exactly the same. However, we will be putting the new car seat in the back of the car before we take a roadtrip with him next so he can get used to not being able to sprawl out on the back seat!

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