16 July 2010

29 weeks, 7 days

So last night, I commented to Jesse that tomorrow I would officially be at 30 weeks, meaning Lily was 30 weeks old. He kind of rolled with it and just nodded like "ok, that's nice," not really seeing the point or understanding the significance, so I had to help him out a little by explaining that meant there were only 10ish weeks left until she was born. That got his attention..his eyes got really big and could only respond with "oooooooo." You could definitely see the slightly panicked/overwhelmed look on his face. I laughed a little, but it's true, just about 10 weeks left to go! And I think I'm allowed to be a little nervous :) At the same time, I've recently been getting super excited for her to be here and hold her and love on her.

Also this last week, I got a book entitled "How to Have Your Second Child First" which I have been enjoying reading so far. It's 100 tips from second time parents to try and make the first go-round easier. Some of my favorites: don't be afraid to ask for help, you really CAN shower, and babies really WILL sleep through the noise (and will learn to quickly if they don't at first). I'm assuming most second time parents would vouch for this: the first baby, you panic if you drop the pacifier and rush home to sterilize it; the second, you catch eating dirt and don't worry about it. Being a second child, I am going to assume this is 100% truth. Anyway, I've been pretty excited to read this book..I wasn't worried about the pregnancy part at all (meaning I read part of one pregnancy book and got bored). What I've been concerned with is the parenting part: how do I know and learn how to take care of the little person that Jesse and I are now solely responsible for?

My current "oh no, we don't have THIS yet" is diapers. Odd, I know..but kind of important I hear. We have decided we're going to use the gDiapers system, which I'm excited about, but we don't have the essentials to get started. gDiapers are pretty slick, as far as diapers are concerned, in my opinion..the disposable inserts can be trashed (and decompose in 50-150 days, vs 500 yrs of regular diapers), flushed (win) or composted for a garden (if you're into that kind of thing). They also have cloth inserts, which we are going to be trying to use the majority of the time I think..and so far, of the required "getting started" stuff, we have a 2 cases of disposable inserts. hm...I feel we'll be needing plenty more of everything.

And finally, in other news, Jesse and I decided that because of the uncertainty of the contract he is working on, now is not the best time for us to be buying a house. As a result, we decided it was in our best interest, and that of our family, to use some of the money we'd saved for a down payment to buy a car that has more than 2 doors and actually has some space :) and, while I was at work one evening, Jesse went out and bought this:
It's unnamed right now, but don't worry, a name is coming sometime. Jesse thinks it's a she, I think it's a he, but I guess we'll have to wait and see, so for now, "it" is a Ford 500..with TONS of space. Which is perfect. You know you have a lot of backseat space when your 6'4" husband can comfortably sit in the back and say "I have enough leg room" (which I almost never here).
Jesse's favorite part is how much room there is in the we are excited that we now have room to travel places with the two of us, Lily and all the things you need to travel with a baby, plus Zeke :) Jesse was concerned about Zeke riding in the backseat with Lily, and I told him (and if you have met my dog, you know this is true) that the absolute worst that could happen is that Zeke will lick/slobber on her. So I think we'll be ok :)


  1. Awesome!!!!! Love the gDiapers thing. Especially love the car. You need a "unisex" name so you and Jesse may continue your opposition gender selections!
    Love you Amberkins!

  2. Amber cody and I have a 500 and loveee it ! Its a great car and so true how roomy it is !

  3. Great car! As for the gdiapers, I am pretty sure one of my cousins uses that brand and she loves them. They don't use the disposables but do like them.

  4. yeah for new cars to go along with new babies!! To make sure it is in good working condition i suggest a nice long road trip!!

  5. Love you :)
    and the picture of Jesse in the trunk! I think it's a man car. But with a feminine side with a ghetto booty like that!

  6. My sister uses the gdiapers for her little girl & loves them! She uses a compostable diaper disposal too, so all of it will decompose in no time! :) Belly looks super cute & of course, congrats on the car!