08 July 2010

28 weeks, 6 days

I can't believe I'm getting into the 7th month of pregnancy..and the last trimester *slight panic attack*. Things are coming together, and our crib should hopefully be done and ready for pick up in the next week or two. Since we ordered a crib from an Amish crafted furniture store, Joel requested that we have an Amish person deliver it, in horse and buggy of course. After I told him the ridiculous price they charge for delivery, and the fact we're out of state, he agreed it would be best for us to make a trip and pick it up ourselves. Everything else is..getting there :) I think we're more or less set on clothes from 6 months on, and I'm kind of waiting until fall/winter clothes come out to really go get anything I feel we'll need in the 0-6 month range. There are only a few items we'd still like to purchase, but otherwise..I think we have almost enough stuff :)

The 28 week midwife appointment was this morning..fairly quick, a little pain, and to the point. This appointment held the repeat glucose test (super fun) and then the RhoGAM shot. I met with the final midwife we hadn't met yet, and I think we're going to be able to narrow it down to who we want to request to deliver Lily, but it's not official yet, or that we'll even really request one in particular. The RhoGAM shot was super lame, especially since I haven't gotten a shot since maybe freshman/sophomore year of college and apparently they think I'm big kid enough to not need a cool Batman bandaid!? What's up with that?!

Gail, the midwife of the day, recommended I go see a dermatologist for my lovely rash. Woohoo. She said it looked exactly like poison ivy to her (the common consensus), but she thought that it was nothing some prednisone couldn't hurt. And since it won't hurt the baby, I'm all for it so I can hopefully FINALLY stop itching EVERYWHERE. The other night after I got home from work, I'm pretty sure I sat on the floor for 15 minutes scratching my legs and feet (where it's the worst), while poor Jesse sat and tried to comfort me. Yes, I know you're not supposed to scratch when it shoot me. The worst it's going to do is leave scars, and I have worse :P I feel I've tried everything to find relief, and the ONLY thing that works is running my hands and feet under scorching hot water for a few minutes, so I'm all for this prednisone stuff. I told Jesse that I'd rather be in pain than have to deal with how itchy I've been..I know how to handle pain. I don't know how to handle itching so badly that I wake up several times a night scratching my skin raw.

I guess that's about it from here..I got to see Aunt Lynn last Saturday before I headed home from my week of camp, and she gave us/Lily the most adorable little pink camouflage outfit and a nifty little cover for shopping carts. I'll try and take pictures at some point, but when I showed Jesse, he was inspired to go out and buy us about 5 patterns of baby things for US to try and make. I will post pictures of our adventures in creativity at some point also, but we got the fabric last night so hopefully we'll get going this weekend!!

28 weeks and some odd days picture. With Zeke looking snobby off to the side, pretending he doesn't want to be in the picture. Oh, and the paper chain in the background is the one that Emily and I made when she visited in March, counting down until Squirt's arrival..200 at the time, and I've completely failed at keeping up on it. So we have some decoration in Lily's room :)

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  1. Maybe you could rent a horse and buggy to deliver the crib and it would still be Amish style. Have jesse grow a beard to help set the mood.