22 July 2010

30 weeks, 6 days

I think that Lily has been going through a growth spurt the last week and a half or so..I feel like my tummy has gotten a lot bigger. AND, you can really tell that I am in fact pregnant now, so random people have started to ask me if I'm pregnant/how far along I am/if I know if I'm having a boy or girl. Unfortunately, all these people have been really nice about asking, so I haven't had a good opportunity to pull out a shocked expression and say "I'm NOT pregnant.." [ed. note: no, I will probably never do this, no worries]

Went to see one of the midwives today..everything is looking good, and she said the heartbeat sounds great. Actually, what she said was "oh my, she's sure moving around a lot, but her heartbeat sounds good!" which I take to mean basically the same thing. Midwife Rhonda also said that my belly size is measuring right, so I'm not sure how big everyone else was around 7ish months, because I've gotten tons and TONS of comments about how "small" I still look for being this far along. **shrug** who knows! I guess everyone really is different.
Oh, but more importantly, I do NOT have gestational diabetes and I am NOT anemic. Woohoo! They did forget to test my TSH levels (for my thyroid) last time when they were testing my blood, so I don't know how that's doing..they took plenty of blood last time, you'd think they would have remembered all of the tests. Oh well :)

But that's really about it..nothing too exciting to report. I finished the book Jesse bought me, "How to Have Your Second Child First." I really enjoyed it..pretty informative, written with a sense of humor (always a good option), and have already marked all the little tips I want Jesse to read so I know we're on the same page with stuff. Several of the tips were about things that very well could happen, so I felt it important that Jesse be just as aware of how I might respond/act as I was. For example, one of the second time mom's in the book admitted to not letting Dad do his own thing with the baby, but rather hovered over him, always correcting every move he made. I don't really see myself doing this, but I felt Jesse had a right to know that, hey, I just might (obviously I am going to try not to, but who knows how I'll react?).

It's so easy to say what I want to do and how I want things to run now. Who knows what will really happen once she's here?

Zeke wanted to be in this picture with me.


  1. You look adorable! So glad everything went well at the doctor's, it was great talking to you today! You're in the home stretch now, hopefully the misery doesn't set in too soon!!

  2. not that i have anything to compare to, but you look so tiny! and cute! and you are ALL belly, looks like you swallowed a mini watermelon :)

  3. Look out! There's a monster on the bed behind you and he's making eyes at the soccer ball you have hidden under your shirt!!!11!

  4. We are following you now :) Chris and I are so excited for you guys!