02 August 2010

32 weeks, 3 days

Jesse and I got the crib over the weekend!!! YAAAAY!! The drive to and from Amish country in Ohio in one day was NOT fun. Whatsoever- it just made for a ridiculously long day- but getting the crib was, and I'm really glad we have it all set up now :)
ta da :) I finally have a place out of Zeke's reach where I can put a few precious stuffed animals and blankets for Lily, at least until she needs the crib. Dog has never had stuffed animals as chew toys, but he certainly loves them..

My midwife appointment went well today..Rhonda (who we met with today) said my weight was good, my belly measurement was good and the baby's heartbeat sounds good so yay! And I found out during the week that my TSH levels (for my thyroid) are within the normal range still, so everything is looking normal. We didn't stick around too long at this appointment- we didn't really have questions and at this point we're just kind of waiting around.

Jesse got a little nervous when we were talking earlier when I told him the current countdown of 8 weeks left..not that there were only 8 weeks, because he's very excited to get to hold and cuddle our little girl, but more because I reminded him of probably 5-6 people off the top of my head who had either been born 5-7 weeks early, and that technically, Lily could come anytime. I am certain she won't, but still, the fact of the matter stands it could happen. Lily and I have had some talks, and we have an understanding that I wouldn't mind a little early, but we don't need to be hasty.

That's about it for now! Paganofest '10 is happening this weekend, YAY. So excited to see my dad's side of the family, at least those who are attending. I haven't seen too many of my aunts and uncles since getting married, so it'll be a good time to have everyone in one place :) I'll post pictures hopefully when we get back..

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  1. Sounds like perfect timing for a family gathering. Hope you have a good time. Take care of yourself. We are all excited about the baby. Hope to see you at Lisa's on Aug. 21.