03 January 2014

Lily isms 12

As she is gasping for breath in between giggles:
"Momma! We are having so much fun!!!!"

We rarely have too many opinionated issues with getting dressed in the morning, but we did today. Lily wanted to wear a sundress and didn't want to wear the long sleeved shirts I offered to stay warm, so she had to pick something else to wear. I handed her a few options, and still set on the sundress, she looked at my options with tears in her eyes and said, "well, those don't quite match!"
Ps, they did.

When the girls wake up in the morning, typically they start yelling for me. I was in the kitchen, so Jesse overheard this:
Lily: MOMMMMMMMMAAAA!!!!! Ok, Emma, your turn.
Emma: Momma
Lily: no, you need to be louder!

The girls and I had to drive Jesse to work this morning, and Lily was concerned that her juice cup wasn't fitting in her cup holder:
Me: Lily, just set your cup next to you.
Lily: but it's driving me nuts!

I made tea with a bit of honey for a sore throat and cough I have. Lily asked if she could have some, too, after I told her it was for my sore throat. After she finished her cup, she said:
"May I please have some more tea with honey? My froap still hurts."

I've known I'm in trouble with these two girls, but it was confirmed today, again:
Emma found a roll of Lifesavers, and instead of bringing them to me, I watched her take them to Lily for Lily to open for them both. Fortunately, Lily asked first and when I said yes, she told Emma, "don't worry, Emma, I'm a GREAT opener."

"Silly me!"

Lily: Momma! That sounds like Emma! She's done with her nap!
Me: ok, we'll get get her in a minute.
Lily: ok, I will open the door and then we will say "hello Emma!"

As a friend was pushing her in the stroller,
"Be very careful with me!"

On the way home today, Lily and I were talking about the baby. After asking if we could name her little brother or sister "Ryker" (yes, your Ryker, Robin), we had this:
Lily: can I hold the baby?
Me: yes, of course you can.
Lily: if Ryker is crying, can I rock him?
Me: yes, that would be helpful.
Lily: and I can put her to sleep? And carry her? And make her feel better?
Me: yes, of course.
Lily: I can walk with him? Carefully? And hold him like this? *pretends to hold a baby* and like this? *again*
Me: absolutely, we will teach you how to carefully walk and hold the baby.
Lily: *giggles* can I drop him?
...back to square one.


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