29 January 2014

Lily isms 14

Really, little fits and is comfortable right now.  The other day, my shirt and undershirt kept riding up and my pants were riding down.  All day, Lily kept following me around, pulling my shirt down for me and saying "Momma, pull your britches up!".

Emma was looking through a book and she came to a woodpecker. I asked what sound a woodepecker makes, and Lily comes up with "it knocks on wood and breaks stuff!"

The girls are coloring with markers on the table:
Lily: ok, what color do you want next? Pink? Ok!
Emma: thank you! (not quite so clear)
Lily: oh Emma, color on the paper and I will be so proud!
Emma: done!
Lily: good job, Emma! Red? Ok, here you go! Do you want this one?
Emma: yeah! *reaches for a green marker*
Lily: ok! Green means go, red means stop! *calls to me* Momma! Emma is doing a great job with these markers!
-a few minutes later when I went to check on them-
Lily: I told Emma not to use these markers because she was nervousin' me.

Lily was watching Mickey Mouse on a tablet:
"I've been watching this one for 100 years."

Jesse and Lily had two great talks about the baby today. She has pretty well grasped we have to go somewhere special to "get the baby."
The first:
Lily: when Momma goes to get the baby, Daddy can stay home with me.
Daddy: oh, ok what will we do?
Lily: we will play and have so much fun.

The second:
Daddy: Where will we go get Momma's baby?
Lily: The Y has lots of babies.
Daddy: Oh, so we just will take one of those?
Lily: No, those aren't Momma's baby. We will look at the store. But we won't buy the baby.
Daddy: Oh. How does that work?
Lily: Well, we'll just look around.
Daddy: Where might the baby be?
Lily: Uhm, probably under the apples!
-- I wish I could have recorded the whole conversation, but this went on for 15 minutes about getting the baby and where we'd go to find it.


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