10 January 2014


Well, we've somehow made it all the way to the year 2014, and I've been a terrible blogger.  I really would like to do better than a once a month post...but that just seems to be how it is right now.

About mid-December, Jesse's company had their Christmas party, so Grandma and Grandpa H came to play with the girls and tuck them in for us so that Jesse and I could have a relaxing and fun evening.  Which we did.  And the girls seemed to have a blast, from the grandparent and 3 year old report.  Jesse and I were a little caught off guard when we were ready to walk out the door and Lily burst into tears: we weren't expecting that from her.  But it all made sense when she begged us to take her and that she would also wear a fancy dress like I was wearing, and if we'd wait, she'd go get dressed.  That about broke my heart, and it was possibly the most precious thing in the history of things.  I felt terrible that we couldn't take her after that, but let's be honest, parent's need nights out, too!

The following weekend, the girls favorite twins came to visit (and their parents), and we got to spend a long weekend visiting with Rick, Nikki, Bri and Noah.  Lily struggled that they were up and walking everywhere, and kept wanting them to just sit on her lap, but we all had a great time.  Kids change so quickly, so it was a blast to see them and to catch up with Rick and Nikki.  We always try and sneak some sort of game into our visits, and as usual, lots of laughs were had.
constructing our annual gingerbread houses

Christmas finally came and went quickly, but I had so much fun.  The anticipation was definitely more for me than the girls and maybe even Jesse this year.  I was successful in keeping Jesse's presents a secret from him until Christmas morning (a first for me), and we got our first taste of building a present Christmas Eve night.  When the girls finally woke up, they ran out to see all the presents under the tree and were completely surprised.  I tried to take pictures, but paper was flying so fast I just couldn't do that AND enjoy Emma and Lily's reactions.  After presents, we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cleaned up, and I got to work on my first Christmas meal.  Everything was delicious and turned out great except for the gravy, so overall, it was a success as far as I was concerned.  One pie had great flavor but the wrong consistency and the other, Jesse raved about and said to replicate whenever he asked for pie.  It was a great day and I absolutely loved spending it at home with our little family.  I don't have pictures of it, but we did Skype in to the Pagano gift exchange to say hello and watch Dad and Jess open the presents we sent them, and I can honestly say my sister can pull off a Chewbacca bathrobe, and Dad looked pretty spiffy in a Stormtrooper one!

first discovery of their new kitchen

Emma loved helping me wash dishes and cook
she spent the rest of her time sitting on her new caterpillar and eating
New Years was spent quietly at home, and we actually did stay up to greet the New Year.  And by that, I mean I noticed the time and said, hey it's midnight!  Jesse gave me a high five and he went back to his game and I went back to my movie and crocheting.
Party. Animals.
The girls are doing fine.  Lily has finally started to grasp talking on the phone, which is highly entertaining for us, and the moment both sets of grandparents have been waiting for.  Our phones have an intercom function, and I use it occasionally when Jesse is outside in the garage or in the basement and I need something, so I've started having Lily pass my messages onto him.  As soon as she puts the phone to her ear, she starts yelling, "HELLO?!  DADDY??" even if he hasn't picked up yet.  One of the results of this is an even bigger imagination when she picks up a play phone, and her conversations are becoming more detailed.  She also has started asking when we can go see Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi and Poppo.  Our normal response has been "after the baby comes, we'll go see everyone," and the other morning, she woke up and announced "we already have a baby!  Emma!  Can we go see Grandma and Grandpa today?"
She's only 3.  How am I going to keep up with this kid?  She's a quick one.
 Emma is becoming more of a big girl every day, and less and less baby-ish.  Even with her tantrums.  Her vocabulary is finally expanding (mostly to other farm animals), but the other day when I was getting the girls dressed, Lily asked some question about Daddy and my response was, "oh that guy, he's so silly."  And Emma pipes up with "that guy."
 Beyond that, we're just trying to prep for the arrival of a new baby!  I had a slight panicked moment when I realized how close we were to being done and how unprepared I am, but we're getting there, and this baby isn't coming until the due date, so there's time.  We're ordering two mattresses for the bunk beds soon and will hopefully be able to smoothly transition everyone to bunks so baby 3 will have a crib.
I'm feeling pretty good, just tired and sore.  My last appointment was canceled due to weather, but I think everything is just fine.  I personally think baby is dropping or has dropped, because my lower back and hips have started bothering me.  As previously stated though, baby isn't coming until the 3rd, so you have until then to make your gender predictions.  I wouldn't say I'm "uncomfortable," but I have woken up incredibly stiff the past few mornings, I can't sit in my favorite Red Chair because it hurts and takes too much effort to get out of it, and I'm pretty sure I've started to waddle if I don't pay attention to my stride.  Which is fantastic and amusing.  My jackets and coats are starting to get pretty snug, which is a first for me since I had both girls in the heat of summer.
But that's about it, I think!  Hopefully back with more pictures of a big girl bedroom and nursery set up and ready for a baby!

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