23 January 2014

T- 11 days

Well, this is the third time I've tried to blog.  I had two, incredibly funny, witty and insightful posts that somehow didn't save and got deleted before I could hit "publish," so all that humor is gone and you're stuck with whatever we get today.  Ok, honestly they probably weren't anything special, I just hope I remember everything I wanted to say.  And that this saves and I can successfully post!
last pic of two cribs in the girls' room.
We have had the girls in their very own, brand new bunk beds for almost a week now, and after the first night, the transition has been smooth and the girls are big fans.  Lily wasn't sure about the top bunk while we were assembling the beds and kept crying that she'd fall off.  We definitely didn't want to force her to sleep somewhere she wasn't comfortable, so we left her toddler bed together in the corner as a back up plan.  At least ONE of the girls had to cooperate as we needed a crib for their little sibling.  By the time Jesse had the railing and ladder on, as well as her new Minnie Mouse bedding, Lily was excited for the top bunk and she has been a sleeping champ up there.  As we moved Emma from a confined crib to an open twin bed, she sensed the freedom and took off with it the first night.  It took two hours at least- I claimed 3, and I think my opinion may have more weight since I was the one trying to put her down (kidding)- but after tons of exploring, climbing in and out of bed, playing, reading, singing, throwing everything put of bed and me trying to lay down with her, she finally passed out and has really done very well.  We can hear her in and out of bed, playing some, before finally crawling into bed for naps and bedtime, but overall, I'm thrilled.  I AM looking forward to being able to change the sheets on the top bunk a little easier.  I know it won't ever be "easy," let's be honest, it's a pain to change the sheets and make a top bunk, but anything has to be easier than trying to climb around at 9 months pregnant.  Seriously.
checking things out
pretty proud she climbed up all by herself
After we got the girls room situated, I've been focusing on actually preparing a place for a baby, and I'm pleased to announce that we now have a crib and room set up for a baby, and I had it done with 15 days to spare.

Getting the girls transitioned to bunks is a huge load off my mind, and poor Jesse finally isn't being pestered daily about it.  I've been "nesting" for a few weeks, trying to get and keep the house in some sort of clean order, and now that the baby room is ready, I feel I'm really kicking getting everything else ready into a high gear.  I have things packed and organized, and finally this morning, packed a hospital bag for me.  That's one of those last minute things that I didn't want to do TOO soon because I wanted to pack my most comfortable and favorite sweats, and I still want to to wear them here!   But I gave it up and just threw some clothes in a bag and done!  Physically, I feel very ready to be done with pregnancy.  My back hurts and makes it hard for me to do much; I can barely walk (because of my back and the fact I waddle more than a duck); I struggle to get up from sitting or move at all in bed; and, icing on the cake, even my maternity shirts aren't fitting.  You KNOW you're huge when that happens.  I have a neighbor who has been encouraging me that I was still bigger when I was pregnant with Emma, and optimistically telling me I'd have a smaller than Emma baby.  I tried to believe her, but remembered how fast I just got huge at the end with Emma.  My supportive neighbor told me the other day that well, maybe she was wrong.  Rats.  Jesse is betting on a 10+ pound baby, so she was my last hope.  On the plus side to all this, I'm really not that uncomfortable.  I hurt, yes, but I can still get and stay fairly comfortable and haven't hit the "I'M DONE AND OVER THIS!" part.
A few funny things about the whole struggle to get up thing, though: Lily really wanted me to sit on the floor with her to play puzzles the other day and I sure had a great time trying to stand up from sitting Indian style on the floor!  And then I took the girls out to play in the snow and the ever supportive and silly husband I have yelled out the window that I should make a snow angel.  Without a second thought, I flopped down and as soon as I was laying down yelled (playfully!  Not even remotely serious!), "that was so mean and I hate you!!"  Hadn't thought about having to get back up from a completely flat position, bundled up, and without ruining the snow angel the girls were waiting to see.  It wasn't pretty, but I managed.  And we all had some laughs after that.  One more story in the "I'm huge" category: Lily and I were having cereal one afternoon as a snack, and she came to where I was sitting on the couch and said "my cereal won't stay on my tummy."  I don't always understand what she means by the things she says, so I just told her that was ok and continued about my business.  A few minutes later, she came and sat down next to me, and tried to put her bowl of cereal on top of her tummy like I'd unconsciously done and said, "see?  It won't stay on my tummy!"  I lost it and had a great laugh over that.  I have a shelf to hold my bowls, so why not use it?  I didn't even realize I was doing it until Lily started trying to copy me.  Hilarious kid. 

Other than all that, we're all doing well.  The girls are doing great, and I'm trying to love on and cuddle them both as much as I can right now.  We've been reading a ton of books, as cuddling and sitting in a huge chair is much easier than playing in other forms right now.  Emma has been extra cuddly, and while I love it, she sure is getting heavy and it just hurts to carry her and I can't for long periods of time.  I wonder if she understands what's coming, has some sort of sense that something is going to change or just has been extra clingy.  Time will tell!

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