18 January 2014

Lily isms 13

My phone was set on vibrate and someone sent me a text.
"Hey, what's going on here?!"

"We're not crazy or anything."

Me: and you threw a big fit.
Lily: yes, and then you came scuttling over here.

We were painting nails:
"Purple is my favorite, but I'm just doing pink this time."

"Momma, I think Emma wants you to read a story to me."

As I'm working on a sewing project, Lily sees the pincushion:
"Oh, I can help with those guys! I'm a really good putter inner with those guys! I do good jobs."

A package from Amazon arrived and Lily pulled out the bubble wrap (and only the bubble wrap):
"OH, I LOVE IT!!!!!"

"Jump backwards, jump 4 wheelers!"
Translation: jump backwards, jump forwards.

Lily: why are we having tomatoes?
Me: these are PO-tatoes.
Lily: oh ok, why are we having PO-tomatoes?

I heard mumbling coming from the bathroom:
Me: what's up, Lily? Do you need me?
Lily: no, I'm just talking to myself!

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