28 January 2014

T-7 days

What, blogging more than once a month?  Try and contain your excitement.

I just wanted to record for posterity and me in the future that I think we can now say we are as ready as we are going to be for baby to come.  With 8 days to spare.

This weekend was incredibly snowy and relaxing, so we finally got the swing down from the attic and I started assembling a diaper bag that's big enough to accommodate baby diapers, Emma diapers, snacks for the big girls, water bottle for me, sippy cups, extra outfits for a newborn, nursing cover and all the other essentials in a newborn + 20 month in diapers + 3 year old diaper bag.  And guess what, it isn't a suitcase!  I will miss being able to carry around a cute bag or purse with just a pack of wipes and a spare diaper or two, but with three kids, 3 and under, cute and small don't go together immediately in my mind.  Maybe for supermoms, but that title will take some easing into over here.  So when I get my act together enough to use smaller bags again, someone please notice and give me a high five.  Or a cookie.

With our latest journey into the attic, I found most of the random baby paraphanalia we were missing, except I can't seem to find the infant car seat neck support?  But we got everything washed, dried and organized, so success!  Most likely we are still not as prepared for a newborn as I'm daydreaming, but we're closer.

I was also incredibly paranoid all weekend I'd go into labor.  Not that I felt like it or was having contractions more than normal or anything, but because we got so much snow, neither of us really wanted to have to venture out to the hospital!  I know other states will laugh at us, but we got a good amount (does anybody know what the finally inch count was?  Our deck looks like at least 14") and I'm glad we could stay home!  Silly us didn't buy snowmobiles, so one AWD car has been an adventure.

This past weekend also brought on the discomfort.  My back hurts to do anything, so I know this kid has to be low and getting ready to make an appearance.  It takes me forever to get anywhere because walking hurts and if I'm sitting, don't ask me to get up for at least 20 minutes.  It took me forever to walk down to take our chickens water yesterday because the snow is still deep, and I just can't move quickly.  The girls are taking advantage of that bit.  I have slept horribly all weekend and since, but life goes on and I feel ok today.
Daddy was a fire truck. complete with sirens.
Yesterday, I figured I would go ahead and clear a spot and get the bassinet set up in our room.  Turns out, the two spots we had discussed didn't work so what should have been a 10 minute event turned into an all morning and part of the afternoon rearrange of the bedroom.  I only moved my dresser and our hope chest (a few times), but that was plenty heavy and I made due with what I could and moving as little as possible.  And Jesse and I both like it, so maybe it'll be a more permanent change!  And clearly, that didn't bring on labor, so settle down everyone who got excited that I was moving furniture.

But that's really it from here for now.  I have an appointment in a little bit, so we'll see if there is any indication of baby soon.  Also, I was too lazy to blog from my computer, so you'll just have to deal with poor formatting and bad pictures from my phone.
little inseparable cuties


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