12 December 2013

Lily isms 11

Uncle Matt and Aunt Erin gave Emma a little play set of the 3 Little Piggies, complete with 3 pigs, 3 house a Big Bad Wolf and a copy of the story. Lily currently enjoys the story more than Emma, and refers to the Wolf as "the Big Bad Ruff!"

When the girls wake up before Jesse leaves for work, he comes in and tickles them or just talks to them while I'm getting them up and diapers changed, etc. This morning, he left earlier so the girls were still in bed. When Lily woke up, she went into our room to find Jesse. She came back with the most distraught look on her face:
Lily: where's Daddy? He isn't still in bed!
Me: he had to go to work this morning, Lily. He's already gone.
Lily: but we didn't help him get ready! We didn't make his coffee!
She was a bit calmer after I assured her I had made him coffee.

Emma was eating a Pop Tart.
Lily: Momma! I would like a Pop Tart!
Emma: *I have no idea what she actually said*
Lily: Momma!! Emma said I was too little to have a Pop Tart! She doesn't know that I'm bigger!

Pretending to eat an ice cream cone:
"Would you like a bite of my ice cream? I got it in town."
^^someome understands the excitement of "going to town."

Trying to hurry out the door this morning, I plopped Lily in the closest chair so I could fasten her shoes. It happened to be Emma's chair.
Lily: Momma, no! This isn't my chair, I don't want to sit in Emma's chair, I want to sit on the bench!
Me: it's ok, Lily, I'm just getting your shoes on.
Lily: but Momma! It's dirty!

Lily and Emma were playing with my dress shoes:
Lily: come on, Emma! We have to go to church! Bye, Momma! *walks out of the room*
Lily: we're back!
Me: did you learn lots?
Lily: yes, we sang and then went downstairs to play.

"Momma! I stepped in slobber! *starts crying* AND IT WAS ZEKE'S!!!!!"
I was personally glad that's whose slobber it was..

Me: do you think you want a little brother or a little sister?
Lily: a little...SILLY!
Me: well, with you as a big sister, I think that's absolutely going to happen.

Lily was watching a video on my tablet, and Emma climbed up next to her to try and put a snow hat on Lily's head. Absolutely serious, and without looking up, Lily said:
"Not thanks, Emma, it's not snowing outside."

Looking at pictures of when Lily was 8 months old:
"Oh, when I was a little baby, I couldn't talk yet.

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