01 May 2012

thankful for Tuesday!

Today, I am thankful for:

1. my awesome friends/coworkers who threw us/came to a surprise baby shower!  More on that after my list..

2. health!  I haven't been sick in 3 ish weeks!

3.  my silly Lily.  Currently, I hear her jumping in her crib?  We have started a (sort of) new bedtime routine to incorporate reading books.  After we read a story (or two), say our goodnights and give kisses, she "goes to bed" with a book and she will look at pictures or play with her glow worm until she falls asleep.  And now, apparently, jumping?  She's still putting herself to sleep, so I guess I won't complain!  But she is so funny, when she is in a good mood..

4. being done painting the baby's room!  AH...finally.  Expect pictures in my next post (tomorrow?).

5. random bursts of energy.  This trimester is really making me tired quickly...

Now, onto our surprise shower!  Last week or so, Betsy text me and said something along the lines of "Julia and I are declaring a family swim at the Y on Sunday."  Perfect, Lily hadn't been swimming in awhile, we were excited.  Sunday comes, and since Jesse had been working hard outside, we were all ready to go swimming.  When we got into the building, the front desk guy said that Julia was out back.  We didn't really care where she was, but thanks, we figured she'd be around soon for our swim sooner or later.  Jesse and I met in the pool area: no Partin's, no Julia.  Again, we didn't care, we were going to just jump in when in comes Julia!  Not in a swimming suit.  And she said that she and the Partin's were out back playing, why don't we put our clothes back on and come join them for a bit?  We declined, as we were already in our suits and pretty excited to get in the water.  I was seriously on the verge of getting in when she says "oh, just come outside for a second."  Ok..

I wish we had audio recording of how densely blonde I was when I saw friends outside for a party.  I absolutely could not put together that this was for me/us/Bob.  Jesse said that he was as clueless as I was, but he catches onto things quicker, so he didn't look like an idiot trying to figure out what was going on.  I think the part that impresses me the most was that everyone kept their mouths shut and pulled it off without me having even the slightest inkling, especially the Party Throwers who I see and talk to on a regular basis (Julia, Betsy and Chanell).  Apparently, Chanell even took Lily shopping with her for something, so my own kid was in on it!  I guess I should take "doesn't surprise easily" off my resume..we both feel incredibly blessed to have such great friends that would put together a shower for us, and for friends who wanted to come celebrate and give us such wonderful gifts!  I think I was in shock for most of the party (like a true blonde).  However, on the way home when I was going on and on about how surprised I had been, Jesse was pretty quiet, then said "I wanted to go swimming.."  Poor guy.  Next time he works hard outside all day, I guess I need to take him swimming!  And since Lily got so excited when I put her in her swim suit and she thought she'd get to go, Julia took her swimming today, which she loved.
Lily got a bag of goodies, too :)
helping me open presents
all the kids wanted to help open the big present!

Hopefully the video works..since it was taken in a pool area, I would highly recommend turning the sound down because it is loud.

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  1. LOL the hardest part was not saying or posting on FB,,,, We love you guys and it made us happy to doo this...