22 May 2012

Thankful for Tuesday

One day, I will blog a real life update, promise. This week, I am thankful for- 1. a healthy and happy little girl and a baby who will be here soon. Do you hear me, Bob? SOON. I will wait until next Monday (36 weeks) until I start jumping rope ;) 2. our garden! I am so excited about finally having a place of our own where we can actually plant a for real garden. And we already have things sprouting, so yay! 3. a chance to go swimming today. I love swimming, and so does Lily. And she takes a good long nap when we are done! And probably any pregnant woman will tell you that it jus feels so good to be in the water, especially later in the pregnancy. 4. may seem like an odd one, but I'm thankful Zeke is almost 3. Jesse and I had a hard time adjusting to a newborn plus a hyper active dog- where we had no yard- but with it being nice enough out (and we have a yard!) that he spends most of the day playing outside, AND he is just generally calming down, I'm not as worried about him this time around, and I don't foresee us having any discussions to get rid of him this time around. 5. supportive and understanding family. I really don't list this one enough. When we were coming up with our week's list of chores and to-do, Jesse added "rest and relax" to mine for me. And my mom has listened to me complain for several weeks now. Thanks to you both for still loving me! Photobucket

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