03 May 2012

Bob's room: check.

Well.  I think I finished the baby's room.  I mean, there aren't a ton of decorations, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, I think.  We will see.  

and now we have painted the walls yellow..
the start of my argyle wall
I can't take credit for creating the argyle wall all by myself, though I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I did some google searching and came across this site that did a decent job explaining what was going on.  The slightly perfectionist side in me would definitely make some changes if I was doing it again, but you know what?  I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and don't care and think it looks great.

taping the rest of my diamonds
chalk lines to show the accent stripe
DONE.  and Lily helping make sure the crib is safe for Bob
so, a view from the door..I don't think the swing will live in the room, though.  probably in the living room to start, but we will see.  I need to slowly break Jesse into the idea of lots of random baby things scattered throughout the house again ;)

I moved my rocking chair from Lily's room to Bob's.  I was surprised-- though I shouldn't have been, given my pregnant hormonal state-- that I was emotional about this.  I wasn't ready to admit that my little girl wouldn't be rocked and cuddled in it as much anymore, even though she has been weaned and putting herself to sleep for 6 months now..
closet and table with a lamp.  yes, this wall needs decorations.  probably will wait until we find out if Bob is a boy or girl..
my big girl in the big girl rocker.
That's about it for tonight!  Just wanted to show off my wall.  I think that completing the baby's room was important and a big deal to me because I didn't get to do it when we were waiting for Lily to arrive.  I loved decorating her room after she was old enough to understand-- and now she points to all the zebras on her wall and declares "horse!"-- but there is something about the waiting/anticipating/preparing somewhere for your baby, even if you know that s/he won't be sleeping in there for a few weeks..

I need ice cream before I go off on a hormonal rant about random things in the being a mom and pregnancy realm.  g'night!



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