16 May 2012


Good morning! I ran out of time and energy yesterday to blog about what I thankful for, but never fear: here I am. 1. 34 weeks done, a little less than 6 weeks until Bob is here! While I have obviously been complaining (my apologies) about being ready to be done and have the baby here, that doesn't seem like much time left! And now, of course, I'm not sure I'm ready..thankful regardless! 2. So thankful to have Jesse home again. His business trip was plenty long and I know there are a lot of incredible women who go longer without seeing their husbands, but I am thankful to normally have my husband home. 3. Lily has been in one awesome mood after another. She's not this morning, which makes me all the more thankful for the days we have been having! 4. My FIL came for a few days to help Jesse with a few odd projects, which clears up a bit of Jesse's to-do list and makes some time/space for some others. 5. My balance. Kind of odd to be thankful for, but it's true. When I was pregnant with Lily, I had no issues with keeping my balance and was able to wear high heels if I wanted to. Turns out, it's not a myth, your center of gravity really can be thrown off and as a result, using ladders has been fun. And walking. It's probably a good thing I'm not running right now, who knows what would happen. Happy Wednesday! Photobucket

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