06 May 2012

32 weeks, 6 days

I don't have a ton to blog about..and really, if you're friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen these pictures already.  But some of my family members need to see them still, so here we are.

This past week has been quiet, as Jesse has been on a business trip.  However, Lily and I did have a good week: we read lots of books [or, in reality, the same 3 books a million times], played hard, took awesome naps, ate all kinds of junk food [because what else would girls do on a girls week?] and I only threw out my back once.  Success.  

Friday and Saturday also really kicked us off with our garage saling for the year, and I found a few great items, and some that the jury is still out on until Jesse can really check them out.  First up, is the new pair of garden boots Lily found [yes, Lily found them and claimed them] for a quarter.  The other things we found aren't too exciting/picture quality, but I found one of those huge, orange outdoor extension cords [$1], a small gas can and funnel and the potential win of the week or the potential bomb of the week, a mitre saw.  A cute old man was selling tools, among other things, and he was quite the salesman!  He took me over to an outlet, plugged the saw in to show me how well it still runs and sold it to me for $15, and threw in an extra one for free.  The one is missing the base, the other is missing the handle, so hopefully, we can either piece the two together or find the missing parts cheaply.  If not, a $15 bomb isn't THAT bad..Lily also found a baby doll that she just adores.  I wouldn't have bought it for her, but she picked it right up, started rocking it, patting it on the back and then walked over to the swing the couple was selling to push the baby in it.  How could I pass that up?  She continued "comforting" the baby in the car for most of our adventures, until she decided that the baby was also a hat, and put the doll on her head.  She must get her ridiculous side from her dad. 
new boots
We were also going to go to the Clarksburg Scottish Games yesterday..but the weather was pretty miserable with all the rain we had, plus, Lily was getting grumpy and tired from our full morning, so we had to skip this year.  I put her in her kilt that Kimmy brought back from Scotland just the same and she actually really liked wearing it.  Until I took her book away so I could get a picture without her holding the book..oops, big mistake!
ah, happiness now that she has book back.
I started to feel kind of sick around lunch time, so we went home to take naps.  Which is unfortunate that I felt so awful because there were some other things Lily and I were going to try and do, but couldn't because I felt lousy.  Lame.  However, I did start to feel better a few hours later and so Julia met us at the park to play for a bit.  Slides are now Lily's favorite thing, as is Toni's ice cream..though she preferred the fries to the ice cream.  I don't know what her problem is.  
thinking she's Spiderwoman and trying to climb the rock wall

That's about it from here!


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