21 August 2010

35 weeks

Funniest situation of my entire pregnancy happened yesterday.

When I worked at a restaurant, I liked trying to make my customers smile or laugh by interacting with them. As a customer, I rarely have come across an employee of a store or restaurant that has a sense of humor that he/she is willing to show. I think that's the reason I was completely caught off guard yesterday when the cashier at a local grocery store said:

cashier: Excuse me miss, but I see you trying to shoplift that watermelon under your tshirt..
me: *stunned silence, then recovery* oh no, I've been caught.
Cashier and I both laughed. As I was leaving, I thanked him for not making a big scene and turning me in. To which he said, "oh, it's alright, I'll let it slide this one time.."

Jesse and I are going to a his-side-of-the-family-get-together's a baby/bridal shower + birthday celebrations. So that means looooooooooooots of cake. Pictures and stories later I'm sure :)

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