16 August 2010

34 weeks, 3 days

34 weeks and counting..we're getting there! And slowly but surely, Jesse and I are getting the things we need/want for Lily's arrival. Just a couple odds and ends away from hopefully being ready-ish? I mean, I definitely feel like I keep saying that.."just need this or that and we're set" but how can I know what we need? And it's not like somebody KNOWS with certainty what we'll need/want: every baby is different and every parent has a different style, so just because it worked for so and so doesn't mean that it'll work for us. And chances are, knowing how Jesse and I work, what worked for everyone else will NOT work for us.

The midwife appointment went well today..Jesse and I both kind of feel that most of these have been a waste of time, oops. We realize that it's important that they listen to her heart to make sure that everything is going well, and besides ultrasounds, that's all they have to check in on her..but it's an hour drive each way to these appointments, which gets kind of old/annoying. Oh well, live and learn. We now know there are midwives much closer than Morgantown..go figure.

Found out today that I am "not allowed" to run in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Bummer. I can do a "brisk walk" but I shouldn't start jogging again. hmph. There goes that plan. Jesse was supportive and told me we'd just go on some walks, just below a jog, and I told him that my fast walk normally turns into a jog, so we'll see how it goes.

In other news, Jesse was practicing using the boppy..of course, this was before he got mauled by the dog who thought it would be a great time to play.
And, as you can tell by one of Jesse's recent purchases, he's ready for Lily to arrive :)

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  1. Jesse makes me smile!
    I get to see you both soon. Can't wait.
    Also, I was reading a raise the baby book the other day, and it said to put the boppy on your head to make the baby laugh. Jesse has all the right instincts:)