09 August 2010

33 weeks, 3 days

Well goodness, things have been kind of busy around here! Not super busy, just enough that I feel we are always on the go.

First, last week I continued with my crafty fun and made some burp cloths from a super simple pattern Mama Wayman sent me.

I can't decide which I like better, but I'm leaning towards the giraffe print. Obviously, I would have picked a hippo pattern, but I thought giraffe was a more fun print then a plain grey piece of fabric ;)

Second, this past weekend was Paganofest '10. It was incredible fun. Basically a Pagano family reunion, but it was so good to see everyone. I haven't seen some of my aunts/uncles/cousins since Jesse and I got married, and living in AZ wasn't really super helpful in getting to see some of the other ones.
The Pagano clan now consists of lots of people, 23 of whom were able to come to the weekend. I got to see all 7 of my dad's siblings, all but one of my aunts, all but four of my cousins, and Jess and Richard were unable to make it. One of my dad's sisters is fighting a battle against cancer and we all were able to troop to her house to see and love on her and her family throughout the weekend. I can't really sum up how great of a weekend it was in a blog post, but to be a part of a family with so much love is truly a blessing.
Next time my family gets a picture together, there will be 9 people in it :) this was just the practice run for that, and clearly, Joel and Jesse are ridiculous. We are only missing Jess, Richard, Kimmy and Lily from this one.
And as you can see in this picture, Lily is still growing! 7 weeks to go, and she's been rolling around and letting me know that she's running out of room. I was able to go see Jesse and my family practice doctor this morning, and she is very excited for our little girl to be arriving. While I was there, I discussed pediatric-type things with her. Jesse and I decided that we are comfortable enough with her to make her our baby doc, so I tentatively scheduled an appointment for Lily in 8 weeks. I just made a doctor appointment for our baby..weird. But exciting :)


  1. I feel special for being included in the future family photo :)