23 August 2010

35 weeks, 3 days

Less than 35 days until Lily is here!

Jesse and I had (hopefully) our last busy weekend until we have a baby. We traveled to Zanesville on Friday evening to hang out with his parentals, Matt and Erin before heading to Springfield for the family gathering/baby/wedding shower/birthday parties. It was a lot of fun to see all of Jesse's mom's side of the family since I haven't seen any of them since New Years.

Grandpa Brennan turned 85 in July, so we celebrated his birthday..
Aunt Patty turned 25 (or a number close to that) the day of the party, so we celebrated with her..
Nikki and Rick are getting married in November (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!), wedding shower for them..
And then baby shower for Jesse and me :)
It was really a great weekend :) Jesse and I both feel very fortunate that both sides of our family get along so well that we can have these huge get-togethers with no fighting and everyone leaves smiling. After the parties, we went back to Zanesville to spend some QT with the Hildebrand parentals, Matt and Erin and just relaxed and had some fun with them before coming home yesterday.

Since I'm closing in on the end of the pregnancy, I've been putting some thought into the experience as a whole. I really feel that (at least to this point) I have had what must be the easiest pregnancy on the books.

I have had:
- a touch of nausea and a serious lack of motivation in the first trimester
- plenty of exhaustion (also first trimester), which is trying to come back in this last one..
- a handful of mood swings (Jesse might argue "handful")
- about 3 meltdowns over trivial matters
- easily the biggest change, a strange attachment/clingy-ness to my dog..I didn't notice this until Jesse pointed it out, but it's incredibly true. I have guilt about leaving Zeke. Period. When I'm heading to work is one thing, as long as I know that Jesse will be home soon to let him out of his kennel, but my goodness. I think I'm going to blame part of this on the fact that he has this look of utter sadness sometimes when I put him in his kennel to leave. He kind of lays down with his head between his paws and looks at me like "*sigh* if you HAVE to leave, ok, I'll behave..but don't be gone long.." and it just melts my heart. And if you have met my dog, you know that unless he's happily playing, he does look sad with all his little forehead wrinkles! Dropping him off at the doggie boarding place for the weekends we've been gone leave me a pathetic mess. Fortunately, I don't cry, but only because I convince myself it's ridiculous of me to do so. Anyway..
- lost my Wolverine healing powers..if I get a cut or re-open a scab, I bleed and bleed and bleed. It's ridiculous! Even the tiniest of nicks will need a Band-Aid.

I have not:
- had cravings.
- been kept awake at night by a baby moving all over the place. I apparently can just ignore this? I don't even know if she moves at all after I fall asleep.
- had heart burn.
- eaten weird things.
- had morning sickness. I feel awful for the poor women who do/did.
- been uncomfortable (yet, I guess) unless I get overheated. Which I avoid.
- been able to stay as hydrated as I want! SERIOUS frustration..I feel like I drink water all day, and am always thirsty. Super annoying.
- noticed any changes in my hair or fingernails from prenatal vitamins. I guess my skin seems clearer though.

I'm sure there is more to my list, but these are the ones off the top of my head, and let's be honest, this is already a long blog..To end, nothing exciting going on this week. Midwife appointment next Tuesday (where we will start going weekly!), and we're also meeting with our doula on Monday (go to this site for information on what that is). We're pretty excited to have met Betsy, and both think that she will be able to help us while we're emotional wrecks during labor/delivery.

That's it for now :)

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  1. I hope the next 35 days are as nice & uneventful as the first part of your pregnancy!! You look adorable, literally like there is a watermelon under your dress!